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What’s in Your Green Tea?

For many, no drink is more synonymous with good health than green tea, the ancient Chinese beverage known for its soothing aroma and abundance of antioxidants. By some estimates, Americans drink nearly 10 billion servings of green tea each year. read more

What's the Deal With Glycemic Index?

In a nutshell, glycemic index is a gauge of how different foods affect blood sugar. When eaten alone or in large amounts, foods that rank high on the GI cause fast spikes in blood sugar, leading to a surge of insulin, a hormone that helps the body use or ... read more

What’s the deal with activated charcoal?

Throughout my career I’ve seen dozens of supplements come and go in terms of trendiness, from herbs and amino acids, to antioxidants and extracts. A few years ago it was raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract (remember the Dr. Oz controversy?), read more

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What's the Deal With Nutritional Yeast?

Flavor and nutrition are the top two reasons to add nutritional yeast to your diet. The ingredient has a nutty, savory (aka umami) flavor thanks to its naturally-occurring glutamate – the same compounds that give foods like mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and ... read more

What's the Deal With Beauty Oils? 6 Great Ones to Try

When I first heard about "beauty oils", I'll confess I was more than a bit skeptical. I mean, doesn't it seem weird to put OIL on your face? I don't have super oily skin, but I do have that tricky t-zone area, and I tend to equate "oil" with "grease." Oh ... read more

What's the deal with matcha?

Considering kicking your espresso habit? Perhaps it's time to go green and give matcha a try. Models are knocking back shots of it at fashion shows, cafés are serving it in lattes while chefs are using it to dye and flavour soups, brownies, soba noodles ... read more

NZ berries, ice cream an Australian hit

Organic blueberry grower OOB could claim it is the flavour of the month with its new deal to sell its fruit and ice cream ... organic blueberries which have been proven to be loaded with antioxidants. They bought an orchard in Matakana and worked out ... read more

What’s the deal with wild foods?

“They were [traditionally] used when you have a cold, you put them in hot water and smell it – it’s a bit like Vicks, I suppose,” says Daniel Motlop of wild green ants, which have a flavour reminiscent of fresh lime and coriander. Motlop recently ... read more

Cranberries ARE superfoods: Not only are they a source of antioxidants but they boost good bacteria in the gut, scientists find for the first time

Whats more, our microflora has also increasingly been linked to many aspects of health, including aging, arthritis, depression, cancer and heart conditions. Now cranberries – in supplement form – may be a candidate to improve our gut health ... read more

These are the 'healthy foods' that you probably shouldn't be eating

Avocados are full of antioxidants and healthy fats but they come with a hefty ... "This type of yoghurt will be a high GI food causing your body to release more insulin to deal with the quick rise in blood sugar - and insulin is your fat storing hormone ... read more

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