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What’s the deal with “raw” chocolate?

So sorry to say, but anything you read about the antioxidant qualities of chocolate refers to raw cacao, not cocoa. When companies label their chocolates as “raw” or “refined sugar free”, this can be super confusing and refer to a couple of ... read more
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Whats the deal with the Terry Wahls diet? I've tried similar (I think)

It can't hurt ya, that's for sure. The hoopla is, it works. It addresses our nutritional deficiencies while providing antioxidants to help with reactive oxygen species. It is so difficult to do that very few people can do it. Our society is not set up for ... read more

What’s the Deal with Saturated Fat?

So, you have a family history of cardiovascular disease. Or, maybe you have experienced symptoms of heart disease yourself. What do you do? Avoid saturated fats? Eat more unsaturated fats? But, what about coconut oil? And the talk about trans fat being ... read more

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What’s the Deal With QR Codes?

Back in 2011, QR codes were a hot topic among manufacturers and marketers. Smartphones were rapidly gaining popularity and the app market was still new and exciting territory. One particular bit of technology that also gained momentum during this time was ... read more

So, What's the Deal with Antioxidants?

Antioxidants sounds like a buzzword you might hear in a "Star Wars" movie. If you still aren't quite sure just want antioxidants do, imagine that antioxidants are a beam of electrons coming from the Star Ship Enterprise. The electrons attach to the enemy ... read more

What’s the deal with activated charcoal?

Throughout my career I’ve seen dozens of supplements come and go in terms of trendiness, from herbs and amino acids, to antioxidants and extracts. A few years ago it was raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract (remember the Dr. Oz controversy?), read more

Does coconut oil actually make acne worse? It’s not as simple as it sounds

Okay, so this seems and sounds like the model product to cure acne, right? Eh, not so much. So whats the deal with coconut oil and acne? Every skin type varies. Every person’s skin is uniquely different and needs a different type of love and affection ... read more

What’s the Deal With Wine Baths?

The hype behind wine baths stems from the fact that wine contains antioxidants, explains Davenport. These compounds help keep wine fresh, and the idea is that these compounds could help with damage control in human cells and tissue. However, most of the ... read more

What's the Deal With Baobab?

That’s because baobab also happens to be chockablock with antioxidants, minerals and fiber. How do they do process the pulp? The fruit is gently shaken off the trees, and cracked open to reveal its naturally dehydrated inner pulp, which transforms to ... read more

What’s the deal with coconut oil? Healthy or unhealthy?

“Although it is high in saturated fat, you can also consider that these plant-based oils also have antioxidants.” Nalluri says more research needs to be done, like a study that looks at healthy individuals on a plant-based diet to learn the true impact ... read more

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