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Wandering Jupiter accounts for our unusual solar system

This snapshot from a new simulation by Caltech and UC Santa Cruz researchers depicts a time early in the solar system's history when Jupiter likely made a grand inward migration (here, Jupiter's orbit is represented by the thick white circle at about 2.5 AU). read more

Does wandering Jupiter account for our strange solar system?

Jupiter may have swept through the ... Laughlin said: Now that we can look at our own solar system in the context of all these other planetary systems, one of the most interesting features is the absence of planets inside the orbit of Mercury. read more

Scientists say they've found an alien asteroid near Jupiter

The unusual asteroid ... It drives the "wrong" way through our solar system: orbiting in the opposite direction compared to all the planets and 99.99 per cent of other asteroids in our system. It travels in Jupiter's orbit at the same speed as ... read more

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This detailed map of Jupiter might be the most complete picture of the planet we've ever seen

The ancient Romans once said Jupiter was god of the sky ... say the asteroid had been wandering through the Milky Way for hundreds of millions of years before its chance encounter with our solar system. “For decades we’ve theorised that such ... read more

Alien asteroid discovered orbiting the Sun

By studying these wandering chunks ... for the theory that an unusual asteroid that shares roughly the same orbital region as the gas giant Jupiter is also likely of extra solar origin, and, unlike `Oumuamua, is in our solar system to stay. read more

Co-Investigator, Europa Clipper Mission

The thing I remember was that there was a slide rule in my mother’s desk and I knew that had something to do with physics, and it looked very interesting ... were finding a planetary magnetic field at Jupiter’s moon Ganymede and then finding evidence ... read more

Meet 'Oumuamua, the first-ever asteroid from another solar system spotted by astronomers

The interstellar asteroid, named 'Oumuamua, or Hawaiian for messenger, is believed to have been wandering through ... started observing its unusual path. "Its orbit shape means it is not gravitationally bound to our solar system," Meech said. read more

Essential Science: Did Jupiter wander away from the Sun?

The answer might be due to Jupiter having once been located closer to our star, suggests a new theory ... The shifting giant planet may also account for why Mercury, the innermost planet in the solar system, is relatively tiny. Data supplied by NASA ... read more

What we know about Jupiter

That is the planet Jupiter, shining with an intense and steady glow. Jupiter's brightness in the night sky is due to its enormous size. It is by far the biggest planet of the solar system ... very interesting as the Juno spacecraft increases our ... read more

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