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Wandering Jupiter Accounts For Our Unusual Solar System - Latest News

Does wandering Jupiter account for our strange solar system?

Jupiter may have swept through the ... Laughlin said: Now that we can look at our own solar system in the context of all these other planetary systems, one of the most interesting features is the abse... read more

Wandering Jupiter accounts for our unusual solar system

This snapshot from a new simulation by Caltech and UC Santa Cruz researchers depicts a time early in the solar system's history when Jupiter likely made a grand inward migration (here, Jupiter's orbit ... read more

The unending hunt for Planet Nine, our solar system's hidden world

The ancient Greeks called them ‘wandering stars ... Another quirk of our solar system is that it has a relatively equal split of relatively small planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars – and relativ... read more

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Discovery of 'Goblin' Solar System Object Bolsters the Case for Planet Nine

GIF: Carnegie Mellon The Goblin’s extreme orbital path means it never comes close enough to impose gravitational influence on the Solar System’s giant planets, like Neptune or Jupiter. read more

Stony meteorites reveal the timing of Jupiter’s migration

Our solar system ... to vaporize iron on impact. Jupiter’s gravitational pull would also have pulled in material from the outer reaches of the solar system, mixing it with what was already in the aste... read more

Evidence for a large exomoon orbiting Kepler-1625b

The BJDUTC system accounts ... particularly interesting about the star is that it appears to be a solar-mass star evolving off the main sequence. This inference is supported by a recent analysis of th... read more

The galaxy may swarm with billions of wandering planets

So that leaves them forming in solar systems like our planets did ... will be tossed out of the system entirely. It’s those last that are so interesting. If the inward-moving planet is, say, five time... read more

Seeing Science: Using Visualizations to Help NASA Study Wildfires

Read stories from interns pushing the boundaries of space exploration and science at the leading center for robotic exploration of the solar system ... it is to refine our ideas of climate models and ... read more

Data suggests scientists have found first known exomoon

"We saw little deviations and wobbles in the light curve that caught our attention ... size of Jupiter, making it a seemingly unusual pair. But everything astronomers know about planets and moons is i... read more

What we know about Jupiter

That is the planet Jupiter, shining with an intense and steady glow. Jupiter's brightness in the night sky is due to its enormous size. It is by far the biggest planet of the solar system ... very int... read more

Parker Solar Probe Changed the Game Before it Even Launched

Any spacecraft launched from Earth starts off traveling at our ... Jupiter gravity assist were to slow the spacecraft’s speed to almost nothing and fling it upwards, out of the nearly-flat plane that ... read more

Meet 'Oumuamua, the first-ever asteroid from another solar system spotted by astronomers

The interstellar asteroid, named 'Oumuamua, or Hawaiian for messenger, is believed to have been wandering through ... started observing its unusual path. "Its orbit shape means it is not gravitational... read more

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