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Veterans Are Pissed At Trump For Not Knowing How To Spell Marine Corps - Latest News

Trump's Rhetoric Is Divisive, Contemptible, Un-Presidential. It's Also Not Responsible for the Synagogue Shooting.

"Trump is a globalist, not a nationalist. There is no #MAGA as long as there is a" — he inserted a slur for Jews — "infestation." This is such a smear of @benshapiro. Osama bin Laden read Noam Chomsky ... read more

Tea Party Militias plan American Spring

My 40-year-old son and 37yo daughter-in-law are pissed at me. Screw 'em. You see, my son is a basic idiot who has lost more jobs than I can count because he can't keep his hands off the ladies at ... read more

The War That Never Ends

“Neither our veterans nor their families should have to beg for the care they deserve,” Joyce said at the Winter Soldier hearings. “Our Marine physically returned to us, but his soul did not. He lost ... read more

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To salute or not? Obama's handshake sparks debate

The story goes that he consulted the Marine Corps commandant who "told the president that as commander in chief he could salute anybody he wished," Smithsonian Magazine editor Carey Winfrey wrote in t... read more

Rush Limbaugh's War on Science

Ask the people who died of swine flu whether it was phony. The point, which scientists understand but which Rush apparently does not, is that whenever we have a new strain we need to be worried about ... read more

Donald Trump Has Destroyed the Credibility of the Presidency

There may be a useful lesson in this for a press corps ... Trump's relationship with the truth is even more disconnected than common forms of politically expedient evasions, exaggerations, and lies. T... read more

Sea level rise will swallow Miami, New Orleans, study finds

Say goodbye to Miami and New Orleans. No matter what we do to curb global warming ... "Just think of a pile of ice in a warm room. You know it is going to melt, but it is harder to say how quickly." T... read more

Irvin on Odell Beckham: “Everybody goes after him with gay slurs”

For some reason, everybody goes after him with gay slurs. He’s a different kind of dude,” Irvin said. “He has the hairdo out, he’s not the big muscular kind of dude. The ladies all love him. He’s a st... read more

Forget the Leadership. Convince the Judiciary Committee.

It has been virtually destroyed by the evildoers and they will not stop. Now that they know how to manipulate the system and the people, they will continue to do so. Sure, here and there and from time ... read more

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