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Trump: Conservatives helped the GOP betray the base, you know

I can’t shake the nagging suspicion that not only isn’t this guy conservative, he doesn’t much respect conservatism either when you come right down to it. Here’s Trump firmly planting his flag in the soil of nationalism: Remember, it was the ... read more

OPINION: 'ObamaCare Republicans' betrayed the GOP base — we won't forget it

you will no longer have a job. So, why are Republicans behaving as if they want Trump, and the country, to fail? In 2013 Jonathan Gruber, one of President Obama’s consultants on ObamaCare, said the “stupidity of the American people” helped get ... read more

Sarah Palin: Trump Movement Began with the GOP Establishment’s ‘Shocking Betrayals’ of Tea Party Voters

“So many of them jumped on that, and you know ... betrayed us. And after a couple of elections of being betrayed, people opened their eyes and they said, we don’t have to take it any more,” Palin declared. She said that if Trump had not “eked ... read more

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Donald Trump Wages War Against Republicans Of The Freedom Caucus — And Twitter Laughs At The Hypocrisy!

You destroy them, obviously. That's why Donald Trump waged war on the conservatives of the House Freedom Caucus on Thursday, suggesting his Republican minions should "fight them" if they fail to back his agenda. The dispute began when the caucus members ... read more

‘We need Republicans’: Trump makes midterms appeal to social conservatives at antiabortion gala

President Trump on Tuesday made an aggressive appeal to social conservatives to elect Republicans in the midterm ... “We’d been betrayed before. He had no record to run on, but I am here to tell you today that when it comes to life, President Trump ... read more

Trump Is Sticking To His Playbook To Win The Midterms

He holds rallies to motivate his base. At a rally ... I really believe that, but you know. I don't know who the hell wrote that line!" Even though it was in jest, it reminded Republicans of their nightmare scenario — that Trump undercuts the core message ... read more

Hill Frets Over Trump Pattern of Promising Big, Then Backtracking

Trump has also assured Xi he will help save ZTE ... 2016 — although I’m not sure I really believe that, but you know. I don’t know who the hell wrote that line. I’m not sure.” The Republican strategist reported “getting texts almost immediately ... read more

The Moral Conundrum of the Trump Era

We’ve been hotly debating what moral courage among Senate Republicans and Trump administration officials could look like since Trump took office. Democrats are fond of asking one another how we will know ... help keep us afloat. So we need your help. If ... read more

Trump rallies abortion opponents to vote for Republicans

Start your day with the news you need from the Bay Area ... and proudly stand for life,” Trump said. He summed it up for the roomful of enthusiastic supporters: “The story is, ’18 midterms, we need Republicans.” Trump has long been an unlikely ... read more

How Trump Gets Into Your Bed

It was sort of like asking a gathering of Republican ... up, you can’t help wondering whether during his bachelor days — and O.K., his adultery days — Trump didn’t at some point send a partner off to have her pregnancy terminated. We do know ... read more

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