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Trump: Conservatives helped the GOP betray the base, you know

I can’t shake the nagging suspicion that not only isn’t this guy conservative, he doesn’t much respect conservatism either when you ... base, BUT DIDN'T KEEP THEM! Hi DT So why is Trump blaming “the help of Conservatives” for the lies of the ... read more
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Dump Trump? To many Republicans, it's the height of betrayal.

Recommended: What do you know ... Republicans, Heck’s decision was, at best, done in poor taste. To Rahbanoff, it smacked of betrayal – and ultimately represented the kind of establishment politicking that helped spur nationwide support for Trump ... read more

Republicans Betray the Electorate, Trump Gets Nothing, Democrats Win It all

The Republicans in Congress have betrayed the majority of their voters. In the continuing resolution – the spending bill – they’ve continued the Democrat agenda fully and put in nothing that Donald Trump ... tells you all you need to know. read more

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Trump: Republicans, Conservatives Have Betrayed “Their Base”

Today on Twitter, Donald Trump accused Republicans and conservatives of betraying “their base” by making promises and then not following through on them. You can read the tweet below: Remember, it was the Republican Party, with the help of ... read more

In announcing Cuba crackdown, Trump returns to GOP base

I’ll tell you the answer: all the intensity in the Cuban-American community over the issue is on the side of those who know that ... American Republican base is shrinking and Miami is growing more and more Democratic every election “If Trump wants ... read more

How Donald Trump took the Republican Party by storm

READ: National poll: Trump leads; Cruz rises as Carson falls Voters furious at the GOP "For them to go out and backstab him like this, you know what? I'm done with the Republican party," Paula Yoel Johnson from New Hampshire told CNN's "New Day" on ... read more

Trump rebuffs bipartisanship, banks on base to tame turmoil

Trump's Republican allies might have found Comey ... what worked for him as a candidate — pushing policies dear to his base and using strong rhetoric to convey that message. "As you know, we're under siege, you understand that. But we will come out ... read more

I helped draft Clinton’s impeachment articles. The charges against Trump are more serious.

He must know ... proclivities of Trump's hard-core base – the 39 percentof the electorate that likes him and responds to his code of grievance. That 39 percent is the dominant force in Republican primaries today. Cross them and you die. read more

Laura Ingraham: The Trump betrayal by Republican elites won't soon be forgotten

The vast majority of Republicans ... do the same for Donald Trump. They will know that what they have long suspected is true -- the Republican Party is led by people who have more in common with the Clintons than with the GOP base. And that knowledge ... read more

Why some conservatives fear Donald Trump is about to betray them on the Supreme Court

When Donald Trump names his nominee for the Supreme Court on Tuesday ... “True, you don’t want a justice ‘prejudging’ cases,” Allahpundit writes. “But after the psychological scarring Republicans have suffered from William Brennan and David ... read more

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