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traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a hodgepodge of diagnostic ... center According to Dorlo et al., China already gains more than $3 billion a year in exports of TCM products. The more we in the West are seduced by the sounds of the sirens promising natural ... read more
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Shanghaiist Sunday Show: The Science of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine

As the influence of China continues to infiltrate the west ... the UK are using acupuncture as a way to cure illnesses. In China, the growth has also been noticed. A return to the traditional has seen courses for studying Chinese medicine become ... read more

Understanding the Heart of Chinese Medicine

But according to ancient Chinese doctors, the heart is in charge. In traditional Chinese medicine, the heart is considered the ... there has long been a cultural recognition in the West that the heart has a spiritual side. Poets, for example, speak of ... read more

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Integrative Medicine Gains Momentum: East Meets West

Tom Tam’s healing system is based on East meets West. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the Huatuojiaji, which translates as “to treat the spinal cord.” Tom Tam has taken the Huatuojiaji system, along with acupuncture points or energy ... read more

In the tradition of Chairman Mao, traditional Chinese medicine gets a new boost by the Chinese government

This version of TCM was taught in newly founded academies and exported to the West. Mao’s idea was nothing ... “The new law on traditional Chinese medicine will improve global TCM influence, and give a boost to China’s soft power,” Huang said. read more

China, Rhetorical Giant on the Move?

China’s soft power is on the rise, the inverse of a decline in the appeal of the West. He Yiting ... problems, [the traditional Chinese notion of] “the unity of man and heaven” (天人合一) is much-needed medicine for humankind in healing its ... read more

Where does Chinese Islamophobia come from?

t may be tempting to think that Islamophobia in China is imported from the West. That is partially true ... the Analects of Confucius, and traditional Chinese medicine, all of which arguably defer to the kind of transcendent phenomena and principles ... read more

Given China's increasing influence in the world, will North Americans and Europeans be listening to Chinese pop music in the future?

In order to gain popularity ... pioneers in medicine, architecture, art, calligraphy, literature and other arts, but somehow ancient Chinese music has never made it to the fame of so called high-culture like you have it in the west. One would point out ... read more

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese healers began the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine ... preventive medicine, first aid, and dietetics, and had devised breathing practices to promote longevity. During the fourth and fifth centuries AD, China's influence spread throughout ... read more

Traditional Chinese medicine

Ren Ying-qiu, senior professor at the Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine ... Paul Ulrich Unschuld - Medicine in China: A History of Ideas, 1985. This illness resembles injuries caused by the influence of cold, and yet is the result of ... read more

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