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Goji berries' benefits

Goji berries have been ... a weight-loss miracle food and a cancer fighter. They're one of the so-called superfruits, a marketing term coined to describe foods high in phytonutrients (nutrients thought to promote health despite not being essential for ... read more

Acai Has Become Popular, but Some Experts Question Claims About the Berries

Mehmet Oz, in an "Oprah" appearance, listed acai berries at the top of his list of 10 most healthful foods ... about the berries and their purported health benefits while visiting Brazil, acai has blown past the goji berry as the wonder fruit of the ... read more

Goji taunts North American farmers

Can it be that goji, the supposed legendary miracle ... berries had a mild, sweet, tomato-like flavor, with vegetal, rose and red pepper notes. Burkart was pleased and talked about goji in plastic clamshells to be sold at farmers markets for $8, $10 ... read more

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The First Superfood

With the fruit no lon­ger an exotic luxury, United Fruit took advantage of testimonials by doctors and nutritionists to reimagine bananas as a superfood—the acai or goji berries of the early ... were astonishing. Of 10 children treated, eight experi ... read more

4 Easy-to-Find Superfoods That Won't Break the Bank

Miracle Nutrient: Anthocyanins. Advertisers claim that these antioxidants have antiaging properties that boost metabolism and repair skin damage. While such statements are unproven, scientists do believe anthocyanins offer other benefits, like inhibiting ... read more

20 'Superfoods' That Everyone Went Bonkers Over

These foods are certain to have some benefits, but it's how they're marketed that makes them rise to the top ... berry from the pack and entice health-crazed consumers to give it a try. While research detailing the exact nutritional benefits of the Goji ... read more

Stalking the Autumn Olive Berry

Birds and other wildlife, attracted by the sweet taste of the berries, have dispersed the seeds as far north as Maine and as far south as Virginia and Georgia. Today, the plant ranks in Connecticut's Top 10 ... benefits, on a par with the açai berry and ... read more

8 superfoods that aren’t worth the hype, according to experts

Below, experts weigh in on the superfoods that aren’t worth ... health. More importantly, they say, don’t expect any of these to provide miracle weight-loss or energy boosting results. Kyle Byron, a Toronto-based nutritionist, says all berries are ... read more

Superfoods: not so super after all?

Superfoods is a buzzword now part of mainstream food and health language, often touted as miracle foods that cure all ills ... The average price of “super” berries such as goji and acai is tens of times higher than humble raspberries, blackberries ... read more

'Superfood' Acai May Not Be Worth Price

We went to two different Web sites and ordered the "top ranked" acai berry products in capsule form ... acai is absorbed by the body and has the potential to bring some health benefits. "[The study] is a good start, but no basis for some of the outrageous ... read more

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