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Janine Gilbertson's Granite Kitchen: You're in control of the sugar and salt in your diet

This strengthened my resolve to keep working to cut out sugar and processed food. I decided to start with salad dressings, since I eat a lot of salad. If you have a food processor ... Janine Gilbertson's Granite Kitchen: These three favorite cookies ... read more

José Andrés: How the immigration debate hits a restaurant kitchen

Washington is the kind of city where you can ... that all these voices make us stronger, more creative and courageous, less complacent and fearful. Manuel is one of those people in the kitchen who prepare food for the powerful. (I am using only his first ... read more

The 4 Foods You Should Prep Now To Eat Healthy All Week Long

So while you work on the meat and chop the veggies, get the grains you need for the ... you from extra meat knives and cutting boards later. If you have a little bit more time, we recommend cooking meat on Sundays to get a big jump start on the week. read more

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We tried eating the recommended serving of fruit and vegetables for a week, and it was harder than we thought

You already know that fruits and vegetables are good for you, but the CDC links a lack of these ... I need to force myself to eat them all. Dinner is at a new ramen restaurant in town, where I eat ramen noodles, chicken and pretty much only starchy carbs ... read more

Is it new? No, but the extra features are really cool

While the device has been riding an incredible ... only in 5 minute increments. That’s an eternity in pressure cooking time, when beans can go from tender to mushy in 2 minutes. Instead, if you plan to cook things under pressure, disregard all those food ... read more

Not Eating Healthy, Even Though You Know How? Here’s the Real Reason Why Your Diet’s Failing

Chances are, your diet is failing — if you’re still on it — because you’re not putting your knowledge to good use. Why, if you know you need to eat better, does it seem so hard to actually do it? These ... to crave food when you start experiencing ... read more

The hottest healthy food trends — and products — to try in 2018

Diet fads, "it" ingredients and healthy sounding food trends come and go (anyone remember the gut-wrenching Olestra chips? We'd be happy to forget those forever!), but some of 2018's top trends are ones you ... start with the bad news first. Americans are ... read more

A deep wound to memory

These occasions ... “I just want enough food for my work. No need to get more, ma’am!” “You’d prefer a proper meal.” “Maybe so, ma’am,” Hải replied, while gently sweeping her feather duster over the furniture. “I only eat when I ... read more

This Is The Best Vegan Item To Come To Trader Joe's In A While

If you thought being a vegan ... it appears that, so far, the only ones to come to TJ's are strawberry and green tea. However, that doesn't mean more flavors won't start showing up, especially if these initial offerings sell well. A post shared by Buono ... read more

A healthy smoothie you'll actually like

Blending is the easiest, most painless way to get these things into our diets. And you don't need a fancy $500 blender to do it ... Kale can be too salty and sturdy for me or leave a metallic aftertaste. Start with spinach and cold water, then add the ... read more

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