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There Are Vast Clouds Of Tiny, Shimmering Diamonds Hiding All Over Our Galaxy - Latest News

Earth May Be a 1-in-700-Quintillion Kind of Place

which is an extremely small sample size that probably doesn’t provide a representative cross-section of all of the planets in existence. “It’s certainly the case that there are a lot of uncertainties ... read more

There is more gas in the Galaxy than is dreamt of by astronomers

Monitoring the emission from ionised carbon, the new study identified molecular gas in the ... clouds. The discovery not only indicates that there is more raw material for the formation of new stars i... read more

25 Stupid Arguments Christians Should Avoid (Part 1)

Christians, do us all a favor—yourself especially—and make good arguments ... Look up the word in the dictionary—there is nothing about God or about ultimate or transcendental grounding. (More on obje... read more

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Azores Postcard: The Final

The island is so small that I kept ... this amazing chest there, however: The next morning our party set out in our two little rentals — can I tell you again how much fun it was to drive a stick-shift ... read more

Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U Without The GamePad?

Outside of a handful of titles — such as Nintendo Land and Game & Wario — the GamePad's asymmetrical possibilities have been all but ignored, with the vast majority of developers ... sense on many lev... read more

The Only Sci-Fi Explanation of Hominid Aliens that Makes Scientific Sense

I know there are a few series that have aliens that look unimaginably ... this cross-species compatibility is made even more preposterous. We all suspend our scientific disbelief to enjoy the story an... read more

L.A.'s Mt. Wilson Observatory inspires the future of cosmology

The clouds make a mess of Mars, but he seems excited when he gets Saturn in the sights. One by one, each visitor climbs a rickety yellow ladder and leans precariously over the ... than our naked eyes, ... read more

ALMA discovers infant stars surprisingly near galaxy's supermassive black hole

Vast stores of interstellar dust obscure this region, hiding it from optical ... would have to compress the gas clouds near the center of our galaxy to overcome the violent nature of the region and al... read more

The Stoner Canon

Whether you’re following along with gangsters’ murder plot to assassinate a very Marley-like singer or riding shotgun in shady businessman Alex Winston’s Porsche, marijuana is always there, hovering o... read more

Armed with tough computer chips, scientists are ready to return to the hell of Venus

NASA hasn't sent a mission there since 1989; more recent European and Japanese orbiters have made halting progress that stops largely at the planet's thick sulfur clouds ... "The mantra of our branch ... read more

Aileen Mehle, ‘Suzy’ Gossip Columnist, Dies at 98

“We’d laugh all the time, especially over my editing questions ... to become a Royal Highness. Dressed in shimmering white satin of surpassing elegance with a tulle headdress held in place by a blazin... read more

Finding Beauty in the Mundane

On that day, I realized anew that the secret to life is to take pleasure in the small things – to find beauty in the mundane. So what are ... and entirely failing to notice that there is a vast and be... read more

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