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There Are Vast Clouds Of Tiny, Shimmering Diamonds Hiding All Over Our Galaxy - Latest News

There Are Vast Clouds of Tiny, Shimmering Diamonds Hiding All Over Our Galaxy

An image of the cosmic microwave background in the Milky Way, which scientists now know is distorted by glowing nanodiamonds. Credit: ESA Huge clouds of tiny, glowing diamonds are floating through empty regions of the Milky Way, and astronomers had no idea ... read more

Earth May Be a 1-in-700-Quintillion Kind of Place

which is an extremely small sample size that probably doesn’t provide a representative cross-section of all of the planets in existence. “It’s certainly the case that there are a lot of uncertainties in a calculation like this. Our knowledge of all ... read more

101 things you thought were true, but have actually been debunked by science

This is an incredibly successful bit of advertising that has wormed its way into our brains ... and all strong essences powerfully excited the genital organs and lead to the [solitary vice]." So don't get worked up over sugar. There's little to no evidence ... read more

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This new (terrifying) sea creature has a 'fishing pole' coming out of its head

but there are so few specimens of this group that are known, the best answer would be, 'We don't know if the males attach themselves in this genus,'" Sutton said. Like the newfound creature, most anglerfish are relatively small beasties —male ... read more

The Stoner Canon

Solnit revels in the vast ... like I ben all ways thinking on that thing in us what thinks us but it dont think like us. Our woal life is a idear we dint think of nor we don’t know what it is. What a way to live.” Over its 169 episodes, there are ... read more

ALMA discovers infant stars surprisingly near galaxy's supermassive black hole

Vast stores of interstellar dust obscure this region, hiding it from optical ... would have to compress the gas clouds near the center of our galaxy to overcome the violent nature of the region and allow gravity to take over and form stars. read more

The Hunt for the Invisible Axion

Finding it would be a major milestone in our effort to understand the fundamental physics of the universe. The axion is just one of a host of dark matter candidates that have been proposed over the years, including very small black holes, formed moments ... read more

Armed with tough computer chips, scientists are ready to return to the hell of Venus

NASA hasn't sent a mission there since 1989; more recent European and Japanese orbiters have made halting progress that stops largely at the planet's thick sulfur clouds ... "The mantra of our branch is small, smart, and rugged," says Glenn engineer ... read more

Earth has lost half of its trees to humans

A new global census of all the trees on Earth estimates that more than 3 trillion ... The study is billed as the most accurate inventory of Earth's tree population to date, revealing that there are 3.04 trillion trees, which is roughly equivalent to ... read more

Physicist links dark matter to dinosaur extinction in new book

There ... cloud is so far away and the time scales involved so vast that investigators have sought answers outside the solar system, which circles the galactic center every 240 million years or so, moving up and down through the flattened plane of the ... read more

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