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The sural nerve – the appendix of the nervous system?

Professor Michel Coppieters is teaching Mobilisation of the Nervous System in Sydney on July 29-30. Here’s Michel’s post on the sural nerve (one of the most popular ever on NOIjam) to get you thinking neurodynamically The sural nerve is a somewhat ... read more
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What does the Sural Nerve Control?

The sural ... nerve, runs the length of the lower calf in a person's leg and down into the foot and toes. It refers to a group of nerves that branch out through the leg and control impulses sent from the foot up through the knee and to the central nervous ... read more

Human Nervous System Structure and Functions Explained With Diagrams

This article explains the nervous system ... nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve. It passes through the depression at the back of the knee joint, where it gives off an articular branch to the knee joint and a cutaneous branch that becomes the sural ... read more

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Your ear lobe is mirroring your health

As brain nerve cells are the origins of the nervous system, areas of the body controlled by impaired ... The therapist was applying gentle pressure on the appendix region. Her patient had her appendix surgically removed about five years before then. read more

Normal Anatomy of the Peripheral (Sural) Nerve

... in unmyelinated nerve fibres in the sural nerve with age. Brain 114:585–599PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar Kerkoff A, Troost D, Louwerse ES et al (1993) Inflammatory cells in the peripheral nervous system in motor neuron disease. Acta Neuropathol 85 ... read more

Nervous system : Communication Between The Brain & The Feet

Extrapyramidal Tract This tract consists of those structures involving involuntary, unconscious or automatic movement of the skeletal system ... the Common Peroneal Nerve divides into three branches--the Lateral Sural Cutaneous Nerve, the Deep Peroneal ... read more

Symptoms of Sural Nerve Damage

The sural nerve conveys sensory data messages from the receptors in the lower foot up the leg to the central nervous system and brain. Damaged nerves interrupt this process and causes motor function and sensory interpretation issues. Injuries often occur ... read more

Digestive System

Genitofemoral Nerve: It arises in the lumbar plexus and bifurcates into two branches. The afferent ones conduct signals from sensory neurons to the central nervous system.nervous system specifically manages the functioning of the digestive system. read more

Aging and the Nervous System

Neuron loss is an effect of aging on the nervous system. By the age of 30, the brain begins to lose thousands of neurons each day, causing a decreased capacity to send nerve impulses to and from the brain and slowing information processing. In addition ... read more

Intestinal pseudo-obstruction and acute pandysautonomia associated with epstein-barr virus infection

Biopsies were also taken of the sural nerve, muscle, salivary gland ... The bilateral pyramidal syndrome was considered as related to the involvement of the central nervous system by the EBV infection. In conclusion, this is, to our knowledge, the first ... read more

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