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The Billion-dollar Question: How Does The Clipper Mission Get To Europa? - Latest News

The billion-dollar question: How does the Clipper mission get to Europa?

LA CAÑADA FLINTRIDGE, Calif.—At one end of the conference room, four large window panes framed a view of the San Gabriel Mountains. Outside, ribbons of greenery snaked across the hills, a vestige of s... read more

Jupiter's Moon Europa Could Have Tectonic Plates, Like Earth

Just when you thought Jupiter's icy moon Europa couldn't possibly get ... question that now faces NASA is what kind of mission would be best suited to exploring such discoveries. But there's a catch. ... read more

Face to face with spammers and scammers

Make it our mission to smoke ... I have one more questions for you. I’d like to get that $200 back I gave to you. Mr. Amoah: No problem Hansen: Well, you’re free to leave, by the way. There’s nothing ... read more

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A former NASA astronaut says it wouldn't be so bad to transfer the space station to private management

“It’s a question of, does NASA own the building or is it leasing the building?” said Magnus, who lived on the space station for 4 1/2 months in 2008 and 2009. Sandra Magnus served as a mission special... read more

Yes, Europa really is sending plumes of water into space

Further Reading The billion-dollar question: How does the Clipper mission get to Europa? "The sudden, short-duration jump in the frequency of intense emissions can be interpreted as consistent with a ... read more

An easier way to search for life on Europa

When it comes to the question of what places ... Right now, the images of Europa’s surface are not high enough resolution, but the ones from the upcoming Europa Clipper mission will be. As noted by No... read more

NASA’s curiosity: Not just a rover on Mars

But where does the information come from ... Another potential mission chosen through this process aims to explore Europa Clipper, a moon orbiting just outside of planet Jupiter. read more

Scientists Plan to Hunt for Alien Life on Europa

These are some of the most fascinating questions facing humanity, and soon, thanks to a 2016 federal budget allocation for a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa ... And we're not going to get a lot of op... read more

How an underwater volcano could help scientists find extraterrestrial life

“If the Europa Clipper ... get me through the ice and into the ocean, I know how to do that.” Like German, Lim is excited by the prospect of searching for alien organisms on ocean worlds. But she stre... read more

Let's send a private mission to Europa, expert says

A private mission to Europa is not a new idea ... The issue is money. The Clipper concept will orbit Jupiter and do rapid fly-bys, which keep it fairly cheap. A true orbiter is a billion dollars or mo... read more

Ocean worlds in our solar system? What NASA reveals

(CNN) -- NASA will present new discoveries about the ocean worlds in our solar system on Thursday ... "We liked clipper for that reason, an ingenious way to solve the Europa mission problem: How do yo... read more

US plans to answer the lure of Europa

Last week the Europa Clipper mission won some critical support of US congress representatives, who attended a meeting organised by the Planetary Society called ‘The lure of Europa’. But it hasn’t been ... read more

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