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The Tyrian Chronicle: Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 eSports

Editor’s Note: The following article was written before ESL made a few clarifications on the Guild Wars 2 eSports section being shuttered, however, it still raises some interesting points on the whole topic. Earlier this week ESL announced that the Guild ... read more
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Flameseeker Chronicles: Guild Wars 2 season 3 finale predictions

I’ve had enough time to fully reflect on my Guild Wars 2 Living World season 3 experience to date and wanted to circle back through what I now understand to be the state of play in order to gather my thoughts ... of Flameseeker Chronicles, I’m going ... read more

Compulsive Habits of the Gaming Kind

Same is the case with RPGs and MMOs such as Dragons Dogma, Mass Effect, Guild Wars and EVE Online ... whose work as SegmentNext’s eSports editor does not stop him from sharing an anecdote where he fell into the character creation time sink and only ... read more

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Guild War 2's Living World Finale Point of No Return Releases Today

The conclusion of the Living World's second season, Point of No Return, releases today on Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet has released an all-new ... When we reviewed the MMO way back in August 2012, we thought that it was "amazing" and offered a "consistently ... read more

Rez, plz - The role of MMOs in esports

World of Warcraft is a popular game on Twitch, but it only gets a small fraction of the viewers who watch esports-friendly titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Bliton offered some thoughts ... behind Guild Wars 2, has a ... read more

Guild Wars 2: Intermission (let’s all go to the lobby)

Yesterday Guild Wars 2 came out with its fourth episode of season two of the ... The feature pack and the other announcement about some esports tournament all are about WvW and competitive PvP. That’s fine — not every update has to be for me. read more

10 Helpful Hints for the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event

Now that the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event (BWE) has been announced for April 27-29, I decided to make a small guide for those coming in to a fresh Tyrian world. 1. Welcome to IN MEDIAS RES, SOLDIER! I have seen a lot of comments about the opening scene ... read more

General Articles: ArenaNet’s Master Plan for 2013

Let me hear your thoughts. Anything specific you’re looking forward to toying around with as it enters the game? Want to know more? Head to the Guild Wars 2 site to check out Colin’s blog. Bill Murphy / Bill Murphy is the Managing Editor of ... read more

Why You Should Pre-Order Guild Wars 2

To this day and a few expansion packs later Guild Wars is still one of the first names to come up in a conversation of MMOs. NCSoft out did themselves with Guild Wars; is it possible to do this all over again with Guild Wars 2? read more

Story is not that Dark or Jaw dropping

Even if you quality hit you on the nose you would have no idea what had happened. This does not mean that the personal story in Guild Wars 2 does not need work, but adding random violence to it is pointless and immature. You might check out some of the ... read more

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