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The Tyrian Chronicle: Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 eSports

Editor’s Note: The following article was written before ESL made a few clarifications on the Guild Wars 2 eSports section being shuttered, however, it still raises some interesting points on the whole topic. Earlier this week ESL announced that the Guild ... read more
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Flameseeker Chronicles: 2017 predictions for Guild Wars 2

My thoughts on raiding were more accurate At the start of 2016 ... content drought Development cadence has been a historical issue for ArenaNet since Guild Wars 2 launched, swinging back and forth on both sides of the quality-versus-quantity spectrum ... read more

Tyrian Times – GW2 Week In Review

As I predicted (not so much a prediction as the inevitable), a new item has been added to the trading post recently in Guild Wars 2. Along with ... about PvP/eSports and it shows. I can only hope they put as much effort and thought into other aspects ... read more

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Flameseeker Chronicles: Analyzing the Engineer

The big Guild Wars 2 news of the week, of course ... It works well for humans too -- Tyrian humans are scrappy and adaptable, well-known for continuing to battle on in any way they can even when it looks like all is lost. Humans will view the Engineers ... read more

Compulsive Habits of the Gaming Kind

Top Greatest 10 Video Game OST of All Time Same is the case with RPGs and MMOs such as Dragons Dogma, Mass Effect, Guild Wars and EVE Online ... whose work as SegmentNext’s eSports editor does not stop him from sharing an anecdote where he fell into ... read more

Guild Wars 2 - Thoughts On the Sylvari

MMOsite writes: Today (August 15) I got a chance to sit down and play the stress test. I decided to try out the sylvari because I hadn't gotten the chance to play them yet. The sylvari are strange to say the least. read more

Guild Wars 2: An eSports Revolution to Be Ignited

Summary: Since the middle of 2010, from the constantly unveiled info, we can see that Guild Wars 2 has outlined such a prospect that MMORPGs will formally enter the eSports field in the future, and it will be a successful mode very likely to be well ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Interview with ArenaNet’s Chris Lye

Check out his thoughts on community ... on launch—we’ll have new stuff to talk about as far as post-launch plans for Guild Wars 2. BONUS: You can recruit one Tyrian from Guild Wars 2 to your team. Which race (or character) would it be, and why? read more

General Articles: ArenaNet’s Master Plan for 2013

Let me hear your thoughts. Anything specific you’re looking forward to toying around with as it enters the game? Want to know more? Head to the Guild Wars 2 site to check out Colin’s blog. Bill Murphy / Bill Murphy is the Managing Editor of ... read more

Do you still play GW2, and why?

The truth is that people weren't generally streaming PvP at that point in history and eSports wasn't really a thing ... in here that this thread is about whether you still play Guild Wars 2 and why, and not "Guild Wars vs Guild Wars2". read more

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