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The Tyrian Chronicle: Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 eSports

Earlier this week ESL announced that the Guild Wars 2 section would be closing. There was a bit of initial shock in the community but once people started ... been planned for this week’s Tyria Chronicles, we’re looking at Guild Wars 2 eSports. read more
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Flameseeker Chronicles: Five reasons to buy Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns while it’s on sale

In this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles ... the game’s community but most agree that the gliding mechanics are a fantastic addition to the usual exploration of Tyria. I’ve always appreciated the beauty to be found in Guild Wars 2, so getting ... read more

Flameseeker Chronicles: The end of an era for Guild Wars

The countdown on Guild Wars 2's official site has ticked away to almost nothing. The Guild Wars 2 community is getting increasingly ... Myke Zadorojny, and many other Tyrian alter-egos. They've all got quite lovely things to say to anyone who wishes ... read more

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Guild Wars 2 Confirms the Super Adventure Festival

If you’re one of the many Guild Wars 2 players who miss the Super Adventure Box, today’s announcement from ArenaNet will make you jump over a gap for joy: the Super Adventure Festival is coming, and it’ll be running for about a month. The Super ... read more

10 Helpful Hints for the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event

Now that the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event (BWE) has been announced for April 27-29, I decided to make a small guide for those coming in to a fresh Tyrian world. 1. Welcome to IN MEDIAS RES, SOLDIER! I have seen a lot of comments about the opening scene ... read more

So what do you think the future holds?

What I'd prefer are "subraces"; Humans obviously are a combination of Tyrian, Canthan, and Elonian refugees ... This might be done through Sigils (slot this particular sigil and it replaces your #2 skill with this new custom skill!), read more

The Greatest MMOs of All Time - Number 5 through 1

With that in mind, here comes numbers 5 through 1 of the Greatest MMOs of All Time ... SWG. 2.) Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet sought to make a new kind of MMORPG when they made Guild Wars 2. And while the forums here often argue over just how good the Tyrian ... read more

Journeying Outside the Lines: When Will MMOs Start Thinking Outside the Box?

At least Guild Wars ... wishlist. So we've made it to present day and we're looking at the horizon... 2017 appears to be a big year for MMOs, but will they break these old tropes? As an optimistic and die hard MMO fan, I'm always going to say yes. As a ... read more

LOTRO: What to do in 2015?

World of Warcraft wasn’t, and after a couple of tries, I can’t say that Guild Wars 2 is faring any better ... Always been one of my wish list items, to make a Hobbit my main (which I can’t do with the other three classes mentioned here) and get ... read more

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