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The Tyrian Chronicle: Thoughts on Guild Wars 2 eSports

Earlier this week ESL announced that the Guild Wars 2 section would be closing. There was a bit of initial shock in the community but once people started ... been planned for this week’s Tyria Chronicles, we’re looking at Guild Wars 2 eSports. read more
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Flameseeker Chronicles: The end of an era for Guild Wars

The countdown on Guild Wars 2's official site has ticked away to almost nothing. The Guild Wars 2 community is getting increasingly ... Myke Zadorojny, and many other Tyrian alter-egos. They've all got quite lovely things to say to anyone who wishes ... read more

Guild Wars 2 shares another chapter of Tyrian Travels

The regular installments of Guild Wars 2‘s Tyrian Travels feature tell the story of an asura named Vikki and her moa named Momo, and they contain no combat mechanics. Instead, they just show life in the game world at the lower level, what it’s like to ... read more

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Guild Wars 2 Review | EuroGamer Germany

EuroGamer Germany: "So, is Guild Wars 2 the MMO messiah everyone is waiting for? Maybe not. What it is, though, is the first MMO in years that really does the 'massively multiplayer' part justice. This is a gigantic, sprawling world for explorers ... read more

10 Helpful Hints for the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event

Now that the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event (BWE) has been announced for April 27-29, I decided to make a small guide for those coming in to a fresh Tyrian world. 1. Welcome to IN MEDIAS RES, SOLDIER! I have seen a lot of comments about the opening scene ... read more

This week in Guild Wars 2

GuildMag is a non-profit Guild Wars 2 fansite, serving up unique and fresh content for the Guild Wars 2 community. We produce a regular digital magazine, as well as a weekly podcast and other Guild Wars 2 content. By clicking our Heart of Thorns and Guild ... read more

Visual Height Comparison -- Norn vs Human

Anyway, after not thinking about playing a Norn until this weekend (and not having played the original Guild Wars for any kind of reference), I ... That's about the difference between 5'2" and 6'4" for those who aren't acquainted with metric. read more

The Greatest MMOs of All Time - Number 5 through 1

The staff at, from President Craig McGregor and CTO Ben Krueger, to our wonderful list of reviewers, columnists, and community ... when they made Guild Wars 2. And while the forums here often argue over just how good the Tyrian epic is, no ... read more

Journeying Outside the Lines: When Will MMOs Start Thinking Outside the Box?

At least Guild Wars ... wishlist. So we've made it to present day and we're looking at the horizon... 2017 appears to be a big year for MMOs, but will they break these old tropes? As an optimistic and die hard MMO fan, I'm always going to say yes. As a ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Review

And that's the Guild Wars 2 experience: going about your business, only to be drawn into another battle, another hidden secret, or another bit of Tyrian lore. When a world event beckons, heed its call, lest you miss out on the excitement. Guild Wars 2's ... read more

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