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The Queen Of Pain: Sworn Enemy Of Dems’ Election Law Wants Total Recall - Latest News

The Queen of Pain: Sworn enemy of Dems’ election law wants total recall

The biggest threat to two Democratic state lawmakers facing recall elections hasn’t come from Republicans or even Libertarians. It was launched by a retired truck trailer company executive in Aspen. M... read more

Globetrotting leaders may gain - but does Australia?

Since becoming Canada's PM, he has reinstated the "Royal" in the title of the armed forces, ordered portraits of the Queen be placed in all embassies and High Commissions and - in a positively Gilbert... read more

The increasingly antiscience Republican candidates

Huntsman wants his party not to be "the antiscience party". But that shouldn’t be bold. That should be common sense. As it happens, Huntsman is trailing in the polls by a nearly insurmountable distanc... read more

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The FBI Hand Behind Russia-gate

It now appears that it was not the Russians trying to rig the outcome of the U.S. election, but leading officials of the ... scores further compromises the principle of the “rule of law” and integrity ... read more

If You Cross the Border, We’ll Kidnap Your Child

Under current law, she says, people prosecuted for that crime must be separated from their children. But the decision to bring criminal charges in such cases is a matter of discretion, and prior admin... read more

Cartoons of the day: Putin’s anti-gay stance

Among the reasons President Obama canceled a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin next month is Putin’s anti-gay stance. A law signed by Putin in June bans “propaganda of nontraditional sexua... read more

Six things to help you manage pain through the day

Because pain is almost part of man’s life, medical practitioners, pharmacists, clinical psychologists have consistently devised approaches for easing the suffering and improving quality of life. Here ... read more

Morgan Freeman: Obama's not our first black president

President Barack Obama is considered by some to be the nation's first black president - but Morgan Freeman isn't one such individual. The actor told NPR's "Tell Me More" host Michel Martin in an inter... read more

The Slow Motion Lynching of President Barack Obama

What chance does an anonymous black man pulled over in a traffic stop have of fair treatment when the former editor of the Harvard Law Review is being lynched ... all because the President wants to gi... read more

5 Ways to Turn a Liberal Into a Conservative (At Least Until the Hangover Sets In)

One of the first questions that usually comes up when people ask me about my book The Republican Brain is: “How do you explain my Uncle Elmer, who grew up a hard core Democrat and was very active in t... read more

The Scalp-Taking of Gen. Flynn

But that law – passed during President John Adams’s administration ... the criminal charge against Flynn has nothing to do with election “collusion” but rather President-elect Trump’s aides weighing i... read more

What Can Be Done To Stop School Shootings Without Shredding the Constitution?

Local and national politicians are already calling for changes to gun laws and calling out the National Rifle Association ... We're not even five months into a midterm election year, and 2018 has seen ... read more

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