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P.A.W.S.: Holiday foods that are dangerous for your pets

Pet problems during the holidays are often related to something they have eaten. Some people-food is not good for your pet and can even be dangerous. Chocolate is ... Uncooked baking dough contains yeast. If your dog or cat eats it, the dough can rise ... read more

Dangerous Foods for Dogs

The holidays bring lots of good foods in our homes. Vet Blair Hauk and her Dachshund helper, Pumpkin, from Sherwood Animal Shelter say it's important to be aware of the ones that can be dangerous for ... hazardous it is for your dog's heart. read more

Which Thanksgiving Foods Are Dangerous For Your Pet?

Can my dog ... your pet stays safe, happy and healthy this Thanksgiving, we answered some of the most pressing concerns about this time of year, including what table scraps are toxic, and sometimes even deadly, to your pet. Read on to learn what foods ... read more

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Ten seasonal foods that may be dangerous for your dog

As a pet owner, people know there are foods that dogs shouldn’t eat; chocolate is the most obvious one. But there are a few other human treats that pop up this time of year that are dangerous ... Need a dog sitter for the holidays? Pet owners who are ... read more

10 barbecue foods dangerous for pets

Barbecue foods can provide your pet with a host of troubles. Of course you want to throw the dog a bone – seems natural to me. But as it turns out, according to PetMD, bones can be very dangerous for ... This one most of us know; but your non-dog-savvy ... read more

From history to food to holiday travel: Memorial Day by the numbers

Another popular way to spend the weekend is to put on your running shoes. More than 200 running races are held each Memorial Day around the country, according to WalletHub. Memorial Day is one of the most popular holidays ... start of hot dog season. read more

The five most dangerous foods for your dog

While it is tempting to toss them a snack, some people foods can be deadly to your dog. Here are the five most dangerous foods that you can give your dog, as compiled by the Food and Drug Administration. Raw Meat – Raw meat seems like a good thing ... read more

6 Thanksgiving foods that can be dangerous for your pets

But some traditional Thanksgiving dishes can be dangerous for dogs and cats. Veterinarian Eva Evans from Pets Best provided a list of foods to avoid giving your pet this holiday ... these items are included in most stuffing recipes, you should avoid ... read more

Fourth of July is most dangerous time for your pets

Carroll County Humane Society has chosen the title “Pets are Part of the Celebration, Keep Them Safe” for its Fourth of July parade float since this holiday is the most terrifying and dangerous one ... be comforting. If your dog runs into the closet ... read more

Onions, Grapes, Beer, Nuts and All the Other Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

but there are several food items that are severe no-nos, no matter how much your dog begs. PEOPLE Pet Vet Dr. Evan Antin laid out some of the most dangerous human foods for dogs to consume. These items are on the list because they are not only unhealthy ... read more

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