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The Grandston Doctrine: Weeding Out Bad False Claims - Latest News

The Grandston Doctrine: Weeding Out Bad False Claims

Sadly, the law was deemed ineffective in its intended purpose. It still failed to curb the prevalence of fraudulent business conducted at the expense of the government. This went on until the 1986 ame... read more

The 20 Worst People of 2013

A waitress told him they'd run out. She offered to substitute a more expensive fish ... Vengeance was his when he began picketing Chuck's with a sign reading "False advertising." Wisth was soon hailed ... read more

Rape, Racism, Free Speech, and Fraternities

Arya asked Thor why someone would falsely claim to have been raped at a fraternity ... about hurting fraternity brothers without someone or something to weed out the many false complaints of rape. No ... read more

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You Are Not An Experience

This argument addresses the claim that truth will eventually win out in the so-called marketplace of ideas. The classic statement of this idea is by John Milton, who wrote: “Though all the winds of do... read more

The Kids Are All Right

That’s why he surveyed 2,500 people in the Buffalo area, from seventh-graders to senior citizens, to figure out how their ... McBrayer’s doctrine—undoubtedly false—that the majority of college student... read more

Lessons In Keeping Accountant-Client Emails Privileged

The old legal saw “hard facts make bad law” has been acknowledged since at least 1837 ... The government asserted, with respect to the tax issue, that the taxpayer gave false information to the accoun... read more

'This Week' Transcript: Former Vice President Dick Cheney

Sections Sections Top Stories Watch U.S. International Politics Lifestyle Entertainment Virtual Reality Health Technology Sports Weather read more Exclusive Footage: DC Cop Brings Gun to a Snowball Fight!

This was a snowball fight. The officer overreacted ... Careful, Fred, you'll get accused of being a weed-soaked metrosexual with wussy talk like "Constitution" and "judging actions"... Fred covered th... read more

Jesus and the Buddha – Kindred spirits or poles apart?

Whether Jesus actually made this claim himself is open to question, at least amongst biblical scholars, who point out that only in the ... is true and everything else is false.’ And therefore they do ... read more

Values and facts

This strikes me as either demonstrably false, or just useless. I don't know of anyone who thinks that their ethical system will tend to produce the most possible suffering for all sentient beings, or ... read more

House IP Subcommittee holds yet another one-sided hearing on bad patents and patent trolls

of 2011 to weed bad patents out of the system, “patent trolls” remain active. Issa felt there were a few reasons for this, including the fact that such entities make money and that good patents could ... read more

Guest Post by Profs. Frakes and Wasserman: Irrational Ignorance at the Patent Office

That is, it may be rational for the Patent Office not to screen patent applications too rigorously because there is another institutional player that could weed out bad patents: the courts. More speci... read more

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