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The GOP’s latest health-care plan is comically bad

The new proposal — brokered by Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.), of the moderate Tuesday Group, and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), of the far-right Freedom Caucus — is like a parody, as if life-or-death access to health care were fodder for a “Saturday ... read more
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Donald Trump literally knows nothing: The moronic fiction of his “really, really good” health care plan is now obvious

President Donald Trump’s ridiculous plan ... new “really, really good” version of Trumpcare than would have lost insurance under the now-defunct American Health Care Act. The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson called Trumpcare 2.0 “comically bad.” read more

Trump Realizes Being President Is Hard

Latest from Politics How Donald ... the Ex-Im bank, Syria, and health care, requires more than trash talk and an itchy Twitter finger. And, while he has yet to break the bad news to the dying coal towns that backed him, Trump has been meeting with energy ... read more

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Obamacare Lives to See Another Day, But the GOP Could Still Fuck with Your Health Care

In the process, I learned more than I thought possible about family planning funding, Medicaid, and Trump’s habit of hiring comically ... to health care. So the Trump administration is a danger to women, in more ways than one. What else is new? read more

'Going in Style' toward retirement — without robbing a bank

The U.S. is the largest health-care spender in the world ... and the 2000 housing and banking debacle has happened to their own, private retirement plans. The bad guys are the same. Big-name retirement firms overcharge their clients by an estimated ... read more

House Republicans Catch a Bad Case of Victory Disease

The House ethics process may need reform, but the inability of the GOP to see the giant shitstorm coming their way from a plan easily cast as removing ... Bill Clinton’s health-care overreach and his character were certainly campaign issues, but Newt ... read more

A Strike At The Peeps Factory May Cause A Severe Shortage Of The Worst Easter Candy Ever Next Year

The union, with its headquarters in Horsham, said the plant’s 400 workers went on strike after the company proposed eliminating the workers’ pension plan, offering inadequate wage increases and increasing worker contributions to health care. read more

A Memo From the Vatican

Jesus would have been a bad boyfriend because: (a ... (a) Unquestioning obedience. (b) To comically mime the words “Stop it!” (c) To scribble on your notepad, “Fire!” 18. What is the difference between God and Oprah? (a) None of God’s book ... read more

Trump’s First 100 Days

Yet here’s the bad news ... tempered by epic incompetence. From the comically sloppy drafting of his immigration ban (stayed by the courts), to the mega-disaster of repeal-and-replace (“Who knew that health care could be so complicated?”), read more

Trump the predictable

Despite all the bad, and in some cases comically bad, news already in play or on the horizon the prospects for regenerating a progressive New Deal/Great Society style ... that they would never have National Health Care, wherein her donor network, not ... read more

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