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The First Saudi-Iranian War Will Be an Even Fight

Since 2011, first in Syria and then in Yemen, proxy forces of Iran and Saudi Arabi have been in constant, brutal competition. Both sides seem to have concluded that a direct war isn’t in their interest, with neither having ever directly attacked the other. read more

“That Is What Power Looks Like”: As Trump Prepares for 2020, Democrats Are Losing the Only Fight That Matters

But Trump, our first celebrity president, has made the challenge even more difficult for his foes ... but he very much understands that simplicity and conflict win the attention war, not nuance. His shamelessness, too, is an advantage. read more

What my grandfather found in photo of war dead

The only war memory Pop ever shared with me was the sight of pulling into an Irish port and seeing row upon row of dead laid out upon the pier, ready for the return voyage home. Some, he said, had been so recently killed they weren't even in caskets. read more

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World War I Battle Of Belleau Wood Was Turning Point For US

Without proper artillery cover, the Americans were mowed down easily at first. In the chaos ... The U.S. would return again to Europe to fight and defeat the Germans in World War II. It spread its global reach to embody what some have called the ... read more

Three things Trump should do next on North Korea

The first two high-level summits produced good will, but no actual agreements. The Obama administration negotiations with Iran that led to the nuclear agreement that was recently scrapped by President Trump also took years. Even ... off a war of words ... read more

In the caprice of war, hero made a lasting memory

He needed four references and, even though he had ... letter from Washington, the first of which read, “The person inquired about in the attached communication has not been identified on any casualty list received in the War Department to this date.” read more

Sacrifices made by those on the homefront in WWI

The councils also were charged with ensuring orders from higher offices carried out locally, according to “History of DeKalb County, Indiana, in the World War.” One of the first orders came ... “Not everyone could fight at the front, but everyone ... read more

The first Saudi-Iranian war will be an even fight

If a Saudi-Iran conflict were to occur in a vacuum, the war would not be about territory or regime change by force. Neither side can take the fight across the Persian Gulf, much less seize and hold strategic areas in adversarial territory. The conflict ... read more

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