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Chilean earthquake moved entire city 10 feet, researchers say

The massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake that struck off the coast of Chile last month moved the entire city of Concepcion -- the closest urban area to the quake's epicenter -- at least 10 feet west ... according to earth scientist Mike Bevis of Ohio State ... read more

Chile quake moves city 10 feet

The massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake ... Chile more than a week ago moved the city of Concepción at least 10 feet (3 meters) to the west, seismological measurements indicate. The violent temblor — the fifth most powerful quake ever measured — shifted ... read more

Updates on the Earthquake in Chile

The Lede is tracking ... As you may know Chile is kinda built to resist earthquakes, but this one has hit us really hard. The death toll is under 200 for now and most cities resisted. Except Concepcion (2 larger city of the country) and Talca (important ... read more

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A Pair of Tremors Highlight the Different Types of West Coast Earthquakes

It was a day for quake, rattle, and roll on the west coast when small ... in subduction zones like Chile, Alaska, Sumatra, Japan, Peru, and the Pacific Northwest. These megaquakes can also be far deeper in the Earth. This spreads the shaking over a larger ... read more

Ten things you don't know about the Earth

Unless you’re one of the Apollo astronauts, you’ve lived your entire life within a few hundred kilometers of the surface of the Earth. There’s a whole planet beneath your feet, 6.6 sextillion ... wee bit of math (like, a really wee bit). read more

Offshore quake causes tsunamis, nuclear worries in Japan

“You could feel the building really ... city to the west of Osaka, which caused a handful of injuries. The epicenter of this latest earthquake was not far south of the 2011 quake, which was so severe it moved Japan’s coast 8 feet and shifted the Earth ... read more

11 earthquake facts that will shake you to the core

The largest earthquake ever recorded was a magnitude 9.5 in Chile ... in Earth’s crust shifted the city of Concepción that much to the west. The quake is also thought to have changed the planet’s rotation slightly and shortened Earth’s day. 10. read more

12 surprising facts about earthquakes

This is due to gases being released underground as the plates shift ... A Chilean city moved ten feet to the west as a result of an earthquake During a massive earthquake on Saturday 27 February, 2010, measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale, the earth ... read more

Latest Updates on Chile’s Earthquake

Metros and buses are working again (although no buses seem to be going South) and the city seems to be finding it’s feet ... Chile as well, and I experienced the earthquake on a 9th floor, it was awful every time the building moved it cricked, I really ... read more

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