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The Earth's Magnetic Field May Flip, And That Doesn't Sound So Good - Latest News

Earth’s magnetic field may not be flipping

We mentioned earlier that the magnetic field has had the same orientation for nearly 800,000 years, so this would seem like a rather dull period. But the reality is that the ... good news. In addition ... read more

The Earth’s poles may be about to flip – and the consequences could be ‘dire’

Over the past 200 years, the Earth’s magnetic field has been getting weaker. Researchers believe that this could be a sign that the poles are about to flip – and the consequences could be “dire,” acco... read more

No, We're Not All Doomed by Earth's Magnetic Field Flip

But this does not mean a polar flip-flop is going to happen tomorrow, or even any time soon, and we’d put good ... there. So there’s nothing at all to worry about? Not exactly. It’s true that when the ... read more

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Reconnection tames the turbulent magnetic fields around Earth

In this visualization, as the supersonic solar wind (yellow haze) flows around the Earth's magnetic field (blue wavy lines), it forms a highly turbulent boundary layer called the 'magnetosheath' (yell... read more


Earth’s Magnetic Flips May Have Triggered Mass Extinctions

At several times in Earth ... field may have sparked mass extinctions in the past by stripping oxygen from the atmosphere. The Earth’s natural magnetic field, generated in the liquid outer core, spont... read more

HP Chromebook x2

Like other detachables, the HP is a little top-heavy (and the screen doesn't tilt ... than good is the experience of using the Chromebook x2 as a tablet. Four-fifths of a pound may not sound ... read more

How long will life survive on planet Earth?

Similar-sized eruptions happened 200, 180 and 65 million years ago, so ... Earth's magnetic field eventually disappear? "If the field reverses, this doesn't mean that it dies out completely," says Ric... read more

Earth's magnetic field could flip within a human lifetime

It's not as bizarre as it sounds. Earth's magnetic field has ... Rapid changes in field orientations may have occurred within the first interval of low strength. The full magnetic polarity reversal – ... read more

Give Pitchers and Catchers Headsets

He doesn’t need ... of shit. So yeah, I like the idea of every other NBA team gathering in the Stonecutters lodge and colluding on a master plan to hack and grab the Warriors for five straight months ... read more

Dogs Align Themselves to Earth’s Magnetic Field When Pooping

But scientists now say it isn’t random: dogs actually align themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field before dropping a doody. An ability to sense the orientation of the Earth’s magnetic field has be... read more

Earth's Poles Will Eventually Flip, So What Then?

When National Geographic caught up with her by phone from her home in Toronto, Mitchell explained how a scientist in Maryland has built a giant contraption to try and mimic the earth’s magnetic field ... read more

The Sun creates 'space weather' that affects us all

Really it is made of plasma: gas that is so hot, the atoms have broken apart into smaller charged particles. Like the Earth, the Sun has its own magnetic field Plasma is not as exotic as it sounds ... ... read more

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