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The Dungeon Crawlers Podcast, Ep 007: You Are Not Prepared

The Dungeon Crawlers Episode 7: You Are Not Prepared – The MMORPG News and Discussion Podcast produced by The Dungeon Crawler Network! Join us as we cast light on the depths of online multiplayer gaming and bring you the latest news, lively genre meta ... read more
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Gifts For Her 2015: All the best gift ideas for her this Christmas

This dungeon-crawler has a twist ... option worth going for. Again, not the most exciting gift of all time but a handy one if you're, say, using a VPN on a MacBook to access overseas streaming services and want to watch them on the big screen. read more

Hammer Bomb – Up Close And Personal Dungeon Crawler

Prepare to descend through dungeons in the new iOS game, Hammer Bomb. The differentiator of Hammer Bomb is that it provides a first person perspective to put you in the shoes of the hero in this dungeon crawler ... to spend coins or watch a video ad ... read more

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Realms of Ancient War Review

There’s a unique element in the ability of your hero to possess large, intimidating foes for a quick rampage, but it’s not used ... always fun for dungeon crawlers, but here’s the rub: dungeon crawlers are having a resurgence. You’ve got no ... read more

The Hottest New Game On Steam Sure Lives Up To Its Name

Darkest Dungeon is a dungeon-crawler all the way down to its black ... Your manor and its upgrades will remain, but you can lose an entire party in a few minutes if you're not careful. It's hard. Okay, a little too hard. Most of the chatter I've seen ... read more

Interactive Horror Novel This Book Is a Dungeon Now on Steam

Described as a “story-driven horror adventure,” the new indie game This Book Is a Dungeon, is, as the title would suggest, a dungeon crawler, albeit with a twist. This time, rather than have you controlling ... RPG elements. Prepare to be disturbed ... read more

Runers Review

Runers would be best described by taking a dungeon-crawler and mashing ... one fact you must be prepared to face while playing this game is that you will die. A lot. I like to think I’m a good gamer, if not very good, but even on the lowest setting ... read more

Atlus Announces Three RPGs For The West

Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth is much like the other games in the Etrian Odyssey series — it’s a roguelike dungeon crawler that doesn’t mess around. The game doesn’t give you a map — you’ve got to make your own through exploration. read more

Perdition’s Mouth: The Innovative Euro-Style Dungeon Crawler

This is not your typical ... of feeling like you need to do several things but having to work within your current limitations is engaging. For those who favor the more free-wheeling do what you want play of the typical dungeon crawler, this can also ... read more

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