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The Daily 202: Throwing A Bomb Into The Insurance Markets, Trump Now Owns The Broken Health-care System - Latest News

Throwing a bomb into the insurance markets, Trump now owns the broken health-care system

The uncertainty about what Trump would do has already driven premium prices higher for 2018. Now ... 2010 health-care law, but the administration is likely to exempt them from those rules and let such ... read more

Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

But perhaps the most salient benefit of thorium power, in our geopolitically dicey world, is that the fuel is much harder to turn into a bomb. Thorium itself isn’t fissile. The thorium fuel cycle does ... read more

Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort Are a Reminder That Donald Trump Surrounds Himself With Crooks

Cohen did not explicitly name Trump, but there is only one candidate in this story, and he is now ... have broken the law, but what they did was irrelevant to the larger question at hand, which is Spe... read more

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The Slimy Business of Russia-gate

And right now ... to bomb-bomb-bomb Iran. Russia-gate has served the neocons well as a very convenient way to pull Democrats, liberals and even progressives into the neocon agenda because Russia-gate ... read more

Pager app summons doctor straight to your desk 'Uber' style

But some doctors warn there could be drawbacks to convenience-driven medical care, especially if it disrupts an already complex, fragmented health care system ... Pager is not currently covered by ins... read more

Donald Trump is an existential threat to American democracy

For America, the self-destruction of democracy using violence mixed with democratic means such as elections is now an imaginable ... of the Republicans into a party of the white, rich and right-wing, ... read more

Recap: The 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

But, he said, “it hasn’t turned it into a bad business. It’s turned it into a less attractive business” than earlier. He got in a plug for Wells Fargo, where Berkshire owns more than 10 ... including ... read more

Donald Trump’s Failing Presidency

He promises a tax package that will give huge breaks to the already well-to-do; he backed a Republican health-care plan that would have left 24 million Americans without insurance ... anything, Trump ... read more

Trump Won Because Leftist Political Correctness Inspired a Terrifying Backlash

Trump won because of a cultural issue that flies under ... I hope they see things a little more clearly now. The left sorted everyone into identity groups and then told the people in the poorly-educat... read more

The Slow Motion Lynching of President Barack Obama

But my emotional stake in his life is now personal. So I’ve changed ... and led us to the present day stock market boom. President Obama is such a “Marxist” that he tried to give insurance – not socia... read more

What will work look like after the revolution?

A longer paper published simultaneously goes more deeply into ... system' tries to kill the US government because it heuristically saw a threat to deactivate it. Great movie, but impossible? Apparentl... read more

“I Built This, Mr. President”

President Obama recently said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Small business owners all over America took offense at this incorrect view that govern... read more

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