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The Brilliant Business Ideas You Can Learn From A 1950s Sitcom - Latest News

Documentary “The King”: “The American people are Elvis. They have been hoodwinked”

Elvis is one of those 1950s icons. I was born in the late '60s, and early '70s, growing up, that was from another time, but it was cool. It was like candy-colored chrome cars. Maybe one of the first i... read more

The Office: 22 Crazy Fan Theories That Change Everything

16 The Documentary is Actually an in-show Sitcom From the very first episode, we learn ... you can’t hear the name Bob Vance without hearing “Vance Refrigeration” right after. Vance’s company is next ... read more

George Lucas Strikes Back: Inside the Fight to Build the Lucas Museum

No one back then had the slightest idea that the proposed ... works of art is because I can’t let go of them,” Lucas said to me in Chicago. “That’s how I got into the museum business: a magical window ... read more

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Get $3 Billion Big By Staying Small (Part III)

The sponsor’s responsibilities for the new Associate involve helping their sponsee to learn ... idea for a product or project and sell it internally to enough fellow associates with the skill sets you ... read more

Putting Enslaved Families’ Stories Back in the Monticello Narrative

“Ruth doesn’t care what time you come into town ... more about Thomas Jefferson than most people can ever hope to learn. Stanton’s family settled in Westchester County, New York, in the 1950s. A white ... read more

The 47 most unlikable TV characters of all time

With peak TV and the rise of audience's obsession with anti-heroes, it seems inevitable that you'll love to ... the most provoking sitcom characters. He's a brilliant scientist, but he doesn't underst... read more

Creativity Works: Innovation lives on the other side of fear

You could fill an ocean with all the examples of people who had their brilliant ideas ... business by unscrupulous individuals who were not ready for his type of forward-thinking. They looked for any ... read more

Women to watch europe 2018

It sounds like a cliché, I know, but I'm a huge fan of his legacy from a business and personal perspective. What is one thing the industry can ... idea of orchestrating talent and helping them create. ... read more

The tech geek’s burden

Call it “The Tech Geek’s Burden ... years before. If you’re going to make something, ask around to make sure the broken remnants of someone else’s attempts aren’t lying around, and, if they are, try t... read more

Theatrical Exhibition Changes Like the Best of Us

SHIVA DANCED ON THE MOVIES IN THE 1950s Movie ... where people can learn, be entertained and transported by stories that are spun by that most brilliant of story tellers – the motion picture. Keep the ... read more

LA Observed Notes: Soon-Shiong era at LA Times begins

Every idea you have is “brilliant,” and every problem you encounter can be blamed on someone else. Please resist the billionaire’s inclination to surround yourself with sycophants, particularly when i... read more

15 podcasts that will give you a break from reality

While it’s entertaining, StartUp is equally educational as you hear personal insights and learn lessons like how to pitch investors, fund-raise, and balance work/life. If you’ve been sitting on a bril... read more

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