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Tawaf On Segway Board: Opinions Differ On Whether It Is Islamic - Latest News

Tawaf on Segway board: Opinions differ on whether it is Islamic

JEDDAH: A short video showing a pilgrim, draped in the two pieces of seamless cloth called ihram, circumambulating the Kaaba in Makkah using a Segway board, has gone viral on social media. The well-bu... read more

High tech tawaf? Pilgrim rides a hoverboard at Makkah’s Grand Mosque

That’s kinda messed up maaan,” wrote Twitter user @nawalala “How can you be using hover board ... whether a person was willing to perform the Tawaf unaided. “Muslim scholars should not judge this man ... read more

Climate alarmists blame global warming before blizzard

A slight change in temperature, et cetera, can throw a storm completely off track, move it in a different direction ... end of the bush administration after having said, we can't know whether or not h... read more

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Subject: the West Vs. Islam

A topic came up in the Israel board that I thought was ... the prophet - with his Islamic state - managed to gather an army (not counting the muslims who weren't in that army) of 10,000 muslims. The d... read more

Get To Know Piers Morgan

Thank you for watching "Piers Morgan Live" over the years. See below for your favorite memories from 2011-2014. "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane is a guest on "Piers Morgan Tonight" on Wednesday a... read more

Talk About Travel

Different members of the Crew will rotate through the ... Arlington, Va.: Flight Crew - I need your opinions on whether or not I should wait or buy airfare tickets now: (1) Dulles to Paris (CDG)= arou... read more

Egypt mosque attack: Is Sufism a new target for terrorists in Sinai?

It does not, however, end at killing unarmed Muslim worshippers, since the association of that specific mosque to Sufism renders the issue more complicated and poses the inevitable question of whether ... read more


"Walk San Francisco succeeded last year in banning Segways from that city's sidewalks, arguing that the 83-pound machine with a top speed of 12.5 m.p.h. could endanger unaware pedestrians," writes Eri... read more

Rudy Giuliani Says "Anything is Legal" in War, Including Taking Iraq's Oil

Giuliani insisted the Republican presidential nominee was not talking about stealing Iraq's natural resources to benefit U.S. financial interests, but to keep the oil out of the hands of groups like I... read more

Subject: Did World War 3 Start? : War On Terrorism

Have world war 3 start already?? Many people say it did start, but isn’t every person’s conception of war is different isn’t it? Look at Israel, and all the other countries. What about the war on terr... read more

Joel Osteen: Apologizing for wealth is "almost an insult to our God"

Tonight's interview with Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria Osteen on "Piers Morgan Tonight" has already gotten attention for the best-selling author and pastor's statements about homosexuality. But Th... read more

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But when you poke into this topic, you run into some staggering numbers about energy in this country: "The National Biodiesel Board, a trade group in Jefferson City, Missouri, estimates that more than ... read more

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