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Stress, Sleep And Aging Gracefully: How Hormone Imbalance Affects Women's Health - Latest News

Want To Age Gracefully? These Healthy Habits Could Slow Down The Process Of Aging

If you see wrinkles, puffy eyes, dark circles or aging skin too early then perhaps it is time to change some of your daily habits and routines. Some unhealthy habits, like living with tons of stress o... read more

Why Aging Affects Sleep Quality

Strive for a stress-less ... body and induces sleep. Dr. William Sears is the father of eight children and has practiced pediatrics for more than three decades. Martha Sears is a registered nurse, chi... read more

Lack of sleep affects bone health and bone marrow activity

The results show a dramatic imbalance ... increased life stress due to work-related, financial and other issues a large percentage of us are experiencing difficulties in sleeping. While we know that c... read more

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Menopause Makes Your Body Age Faster

For more, visit TIME Health. Menopause ... study what stress factors affect biological age, and what could be done to slow aging.” Part of that solution may include re-visiting the role that hormone t... read more

Hormones: ‘the juice of life’

Increased testosterone, DHEA, and growth hormone released during exercise have numerous health effects ... deal with high stress? Yes, some hormones such as progesterone are like a natural valium, hel... read more

6 Anti-Aging Questions Answered by Local Experts

Can CBD help aches, insomnia and stress ... women’s health are secondary, not primary,” says Denitzio, an integrative and functional medicine specialist at Main Line Health’s Concordville center. “Pri... read more

Diet diary: SIBO – gut flora imbalance tied to digestive issues

Beneficial bacteria aid in digestion, manufacture vitamins and stimulate immune cells, while harmful bacteria disturb the activity of the useful bacteria and produce undesirable health effects ... str... read more

Long-Term Effects Of Chronic Stress on Body and Mind

Everyone knows that chronic stress is bad. But just how bad can it be? Tallying the negative effects ... aging and personality changes, long-term stress may also induce or exacerbate depression and an... read more

How to have a smooth face naturally

There are many things that influence your skin health over time such as stress, hormonal imbalances, aging, dehydration, Ultraviolet sun rays, and air pollution. Each of these variables affects the sm... read more

Fatigue: How to know when to see a doctor

While the stresses and strains of daily life explain a large proportion of fatigue cases, chronic fatigue can also be a consequence of underlying health ... adrenal hormones that accumulate in respons... read more

Sean McCawley Fit for life: Exercise to reduce anxiety

The stresses of everyday life can debilitate our physical, emotional and mental health ... stress will affect our regulation of serotonin. Serotonin is a key component of the sleep-wake cycle of the h... read more

More women now using compounded hormones without understanding the risks

That can be especially risky when a woman takes estrogen without enough progesterone, an imbalance ... fewer women are using menopausal hormone therapy today—only 13% to 15% in these surveys. After ev... read more

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