Stephen Colbert Tears Into Justice Dept.'s Immigrant Family Separation Policy: "It's Just Plain Wrong" | Latest News RSS feed

Stephen Colbert Tears Into Justice Dept.'s Immigrant Family Separation Policy: "It's Just Plain Wrong" - Latest News

Daily Kos Elections weekly open thread: What races are you interested in?

And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles ... All the problems we face in the United States today can be traced to an unenlightened immigration policy on the ... read more

Jewish power + Jewish hubris = ‘moral catastrophe of epic proportions’

It’s why I pour so much energy into this site. (Jerry and I were bar mitzvah’d ... strip searches by private security firms at checkpoints? Why not protest the separation of Jewish women from Jewish m... read more

Beth Israel congregants reflect on 10 years of protests at synagogue: 'We certainly didn't ask for this'

Wrong in Israel." Ann Arbor resident Shirley Zempel, who waved a Palestinian flag outside the synagogue on Saturday morning, said a yearning for justice drives her to protest Israel. "I just think thi... read more

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The ugliness that is Proposition 8 is struck down

He’s quite correct. If you think letting gay people marry is somehow a threat to your marriage, you’re quite wrong. Do yourself a favor: go look at these pictures. They may bother you, or even disgust ... read more

The Other Side of John McCain

As the Cold War entered its final act in 1985 ... took another pass through the Beltway’s revolving door, striding into the halls of Congress as McCain’s newest foreign policy aide. McCain ultimately ... read more

Donald Trump Page 8

Following the #FireColbert backlash that followed his rather crude monologue about Donald Trump earlier this week, Stephen Colbert ... tweets into the public domain down the years, ranging from the se... read more

Palin Plans Interview With ABC Next Week

That has left campaign aides and surrogates to address questions about her political record, including policies she followed in Alaska and a state investigation into whether she improperly tried to ge... read more

204 PEN Writers (Thus Far) Have Objected to the Charlie Hebdo Award – Not Just 6

Goodale Freedom of Expression Courage Award in response to the January 7 attacks that claimed the lives of many members of its editorial staff. It is clear and inarguable that the murder of a dozen pe... read more

Does Obama’s race matter?

Just as I would not support someone who belonged to a Neo Nazi group I cannot support someone who listens and obviously silently agrees with Rev. Wright's sermons. Mike from Wisconsin writes: No, Obam... read more

Charlotte Allen really is angry at us

Well, personally, I don’t feel that I’m opressed. I’ve pointed out before that it’s awfully easy for an atheist to just keep his or her mouth shut and pass for a believer. My usual theme instead is to ... read more

Beyond livid. Just beyond it.

We had to clarify the status of the 18k couples. And we had to have a definitive result in order to mobilize people for repeal. The effort to collect signatures is already underway. It has been author... read more

Climate Communication Undermined by Inflammatory Language

I’ll return to its claim in a ... of people who are saying wrong things. Denial implies people are aware of something but can’t face it. Some people may be in denial about global warming, but how do w... read more

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