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The History Of St. Patrick's Day: 9 Facts You Need To Know About The Holiday's Origins

St ... snakes in Ireland, it is probably just a metaphor for ridding the country of its "old, evil, pagan ways," according to National Geographic. We celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17 every year, but why is that? No, it's not just to have a holiday ... read more
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Saint Patrick, Druids, Snakes, and Popular Myths

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a yearly holiday ... not), St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a day of celebrations, as they see Patrick, famously attributed with converting Ireland to Christianity, as committing something akin to cultural genocide. “The ... read more

Who Was Saint Patrick and Should Christians Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Eventually the king converted and was baptized by Patrick and much of the people of Ireland followed suit. A later legend would have it that Patrick rid all of Ireland of snakes. Snakes were not ... Should Christians celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? read more

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7 St. Patrick's Day Facts That Will Change The Way You See This "Irish" Holiday

Now, the freezing ocean surrounding the country keeps the snakes at bay, so you can stop thanking St. Patrick. 4. Modern St. Patrick's Day Is An American Holiday, Not An Irish One Until the 18th century, St. Patrick's Day was a Roman Catholic feast that ... read more

Driving Out Your Snakes This St. Patrick’s Day

Or at least not the slithering ... let those spiritual snakes never again threaten me or those whose paths I cross. We ask also for safe travels and celebrations for those enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day holiday. In Jesus’s name we pray. read more

St. Patrick

Patrick's Christian conversion ended slavery, human sacrifice, and most intertribal warfare in Ireland. (He did not banish the snakes ... holiday for centuries, perhaps more than 1,000 years. It took the United States to turn St. Patrick's Day into ... read more

Saint Patrick’s Day 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Irish holiday is a global ... t have the official title. Despite St. Patrick not being a true canonized saint, he does have a feast day recognized by multiple denominations of Christianity, including Catholics. Christians that recognize March 17 ... read more

St. Patrick’s Day facts reveal truth about this Irish Holiday

St. Patrick is responsible for converting the people of Ireland to Christianity. 385 AD – Born in Britain, but is not ... were snakes in Ireland. March 17, 461 AD – St. Patrick dies. Ireland: In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday ... read more

Myths and legends about St. Patrick's Day

Who was Saint Patrick anyway? And what myths and legends about this Irish holiday have we all been blindly thinking are true for years? This list of St. Patrick's Day ... snakes standing in for the serpents of Druid mythology. 4. The Shamrock May or May ... read more

Saint Patrick, Druids, Snakes, and Popular Myths: 2017

In 2012, Wild Hunt founder Jason Pitzl-Waters published an article called, “Saint Patrick, Druids, Snakes, and Popular Myths ... “[Tomorrow] is St. Patrick’s Day, a yearly holiday celebrating Ireland’s favorite patron saint. read more

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