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St. Patrick's Day is a holiday for believers, not snakes

This year, St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Friday. And it was freaking awful. Four-sevenths of the time, it falls on good weekdays, proper days. Days where only the dedicated, true believers, show up to this abomination of a holiday that pretends to honor ... read more
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St. Patrick's Day: Facts, History And Traditions For The Irish Holiday

Many, though, will not ... snakes, having banished them from the country by chasing them into the sea. However, all evidence suggests that there never were any snakes in Ireland. Even without that legend, St. Patrick’s date of death became an official ... read more

St. Patrick’s Day facts reveal truth about this Irish Holiday

St. Patrick is responsible for converting the people of Ireland to Christianity. 385 AD – Born in Britain, but is not ... were snakes in Ireland. March 17, 461 AD – St. Patrick dies. Ireland: In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a national holiday ... read more

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Saint Patrick’s Day 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Irish holiday is a global ... t have the official title. Despite St. Patrick not being a true canonized saint, he does have a feast day recognized by multiple denominations of Christianity, including Catholics. Christians that recognize March 17 ... read more

Myths and legends about St. Patrick’s Day

Who was Saint Patrick anyway? And what myths and legends about this Irish holiday have we all been blindly thinking are true for years? This list of St. Patrick’s Day ... snakes standing in for the serpents of Druid mythology. 4. The Shamrock May or May ... read more

Who Was Saint Patrick and Should Christians Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Eventually the king converted and was baptized by Patrick and much of the people of Ireland followed suit. A later legend would have it that Patrick rid all of Ireland of snakes. Snakes were not ... Should Christians celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? read more

Remember St. Patrick on his day

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday, and it’s more. March 17 marks the Feast Day of St. Patrick, famed for driving snakes out of Ireland ... with signs reading “Help Wanted: Irish Need Not Apply” and relegated to demeaning, dangerous jobs. read more

Saint Patrick, Druids, Snakes, and Popular Myths: 2017

To this day, it remains one ... or because they like the idea of a holiday dedicated to pagan/Pagan resistance to conversion.” But the evidence against that idea continues to build. St. Patrick’s serpents were not real snakes, nor could they have ... read more

St. Patrick’s Day – A Green-Inspired Day for Irish-Americans

serpents and snakes, a pot of gold and leprechauns. St. Patrick’s Day is not a federal holiday though, so organizations, businesses and schools remain open. Traffic rerouting is possible for areas where parades are held, which can be right on March 17 or ... read more

4 false beliefs about St. Patrick’s Day

He died around March 17, 460 A.D. Stories about Patrick banishing snakes from Ireland or introducing ... in the country’s celebrations. Because St. Patrick’s Day was a religious holiday in Ireland, Christians feasted on the anniversary of the saint's ... read more

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