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Sony Admits Lack Of Big-AAA Games In Holiday 2017, says 2018 Games Are Coming In First-Half - Latest News

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Sony Admits Lack Of Big-AAA Games In Holiday 2017, says 2018 Games Are Coming In First-Half

A lot were expected from Sony at their PlayStation E3 2017 press conference, but it fell way short of hype and expectations. One of the main criticism that they received from gaming community was that there are hardly anything special coming from them for ... read more
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E3 2017: Sony's Shawn Layden Explains the Short Conference and Lack of New IP's

The mixed reviews on Sony’s E3 press conference have been circulating the internet all week-long. In an interview with Telegraph, Sony’s Shawn Layden explains the reasoning behind the otherwise short press briefing and what the company will focus on in ... read more

Nyren's Corner: The Conferences Are Over, So Who Won E3?

There were a lot of sports games to be seen and in between those sports offerings there were a few big AAA ... in 2018. So what else does Microsoft have for 2017 other than Forza Motorsport 7 and Crackdown 3? Super Lucky’s Tales. Yep. Needless to say ... read more

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Everything Nintendo Announced At E3 2017

Nintendo has got these pre-recorded E3 videos down to a science at this point, and this year was their usual mix of already-announced games and ... It’s coming Holiday 2017. There’s A Kirby Game Coming To Switch In 2018. Stephen will be psyched about ... read more

Experiment With Chinese Satellite Demonstrates Quantum Weirdness Over Record Distances

Quantum mechanics is weird as hell, where the rules of the world you experience don’t apply. Even at distances a thousand kilometers apart, particles seem to be able to communicate with each other instantly, for example. Advertisement Chinese scientists ... read more

Guess How Many Deaths There Have Been So Far on Game of Thrones

On Game of Thrones, death is one of the few things (aside from winter) that the people of Westeros and beyond know that they can rely on. The impermanence of life is one of the fundamental ideas that’s shaped both George R.R. Martin’s books and HBO’s ... read more

E3 2017: Six Big Predictions For VR This Year

The 2017 ... in the first half of 2018. While Microsoft will likely focus on VR hardware, Sony’s VR announcements this year will be all about content, and I expect to hear some big AAA news, most likely VR translations of existing, popular games since ... read more

Seahawks Think Colin Kaepernick Is Overqualified To Play For The Seahawks

The Seahawks have found another backup for quarterback Russell Wilson. It just won’t be Colin Kaepernick, who apparently is too good for the job. Seattle’s new man behind the man will be Austin Davis, who has 10 starts to his name across five seasons ... read more

The Last of Us Part 2 And PS4’s Strong 1st/3rd Party Support Are Sony’s Trump Card Against The Scorpio

But in the end, any machine is as great as the games on it- this isn’t just some philosophical musing made to compensate for a lack of ... This is not to say Microsoft doesn’t have or lacks the talent…but the developer support on Sony’s machine ... read more

Running Can Get You High—But Not Like You Think

Contrary to what you (or your trainer) might believe, endorphins aren’t responsibly for that giddy exuberance you feel after a long run. What is associated with the sought-after feeling is something that gets you actually high: cannabis. Specifically, we ... read more

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