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So How Does an ATHEIST Explain the Resurrection Story?

But if the Christian explanation is wrong, what does explain the facts ... Given these facts, we will try to explain the resurrection with a natural explanation—that is, without taking the gospel stor... read more

One-on-One with Andy Stanley on ‘Irresistible,’ Part 2

Ed: So, if the resurrection story itself is of such great importance, how do we keep from reinterpreting Jesus without ... Before the Internet and the rise of the New Atheists, this shift wasn’t neces... read more

All 11 'Halloween' movies in the franchise, ranked

Clumsily interspersed with low-res video footage shot by the actors themselves, "Halloween: Resurrection" is a suspense ... Myers as a humanoid wrecking ball who doesn't so much stab his victims as he ... read more

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'How Can You Be Moral?': Here Are 9 Questions You Don't Need to Ask an Atheist — And Their Answers

Here are nine questions you shouldn’t ask atheists. I’m going to answer them, just this once, and then I’ll explain why you shouldn’t be asking them, and why so many atheists will get ticked off if yo... read more

The science of sin: How our brains explain bad behaviour

But now a new book, The Science of Sin, attempts to explain why we stray from what ... the rates of those two things do go up. So therefore you hit the grave earlier.” Although an atheist, Lewis belie... read more

Northwest Christian University Class President Reveals He's an Atheist

"Eric's story ... to explain himself. He chose to do it publicly so he could reach a larger audience, so he wouldn't have to explain himself to everyone who asked. Also, he published his e-mail and li... read more

Guest Pastor: What We Don’t Know

Lutherans, as well as many Christian Denominations, have a prescribed subscribed list of scriptures for each year to cover many of the special days of the life of Christ – Birth, Crucifixion, Resurrec... read more

The Case for Christ: What’s the evidence for the resurrection?

In the movie, Strobel crisscrosses the country, interviewing scholars and other professionals about the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection. The movie does not explain how ... who would agree that the ... read more

Film Review: ‘The Case for Christ’

Director Jon Gunn and screenwriter Brian Bird have shrewdly reconstituted Lee Strobel’s best-selling book about his road-to-Damascus transition from outspoken atheist ... do His will, Lee responds gra... read more

How Christianity can be an “alternative” to consumerism

So I ended up leaving Moody after two years of a four-year program, and spent many years still struggling. I didn’t call myself an “atheist” when I left ... and a lot of believers do defer to that, no ... read more

The Best Theories About What's Going to Happen in 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse'

FX's 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' has already ... just like the witches toyed with Coco's and Mallory's so they could hide in safety. The biggest clue about Timothy's possible warlock identity ... read more

So How Does an ATHEIST Explain the Resurrection Story?

My recent posts have focused on Gary Habermas’s claim for a scholarly consensus in favor of the resurrection of Jesus (discussed here) and his minimal facts argument supporting the resurrection (here, ... read more

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