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Sleep Apnea Patient Finds Rest with UK Dentistry

UK is the University for Kentucky. At UK, we are educating more students, treating more patients with complex illnesses and conducting more research and service than at any time in our 150-year history. To read more about the UK story and how you can ... read more

Obstructive sleep apnea, orthodontics, and oral appliances: Vivos Dental Technologies pushes boundaries, transforms lives

In fact, it blended so well for a while that it resulted in major litigation between the American Medical Association and the American Dental Association. States where dentists were diagnosing and treating sleep apnea ... many patients find noisy and ... read more

Desperate sleep apnea sufferers find relief through facial surgery

He had to sleep in another room so his wife could get some rest ... sleep apnea can usually be resolved with lifestyle changes like losing weight, not smoking, avoiding alcohol before bedtime and sleeping on your side instead of your back. Dental ... read more

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Do you have sleep apnea warning signs?

However, an effective alternative treatment for sleep apnea is a custom-fit oral appliance provided by a qualified dentist. Treating sleep apnea can lead to better rest and ease your ... a regular basis for many patients. Find a local dentist offering ... read more

6 Ways to Sleep Better With Diabetes

It can start a tricky cycle that connects to diabetes, obesity and sleep deprivation, Dasgupta explains. To find out ... can have deeper rest at night and better function during the day. For example, if your doctor says you have sleep apnea, one common ... read more

Latest Technology Revolutionizes Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Sleep disorders can affect the ability of patients, and their partners, to get proper rest ... to find the best course of treatment so the patient can get back to living a healthy, happy life." Up to 54% of patients abandon their snoring or sleep apnea ... read more

Sleep Apnea Exercises Review of Marc MacDonald's New Sleep Apnea Exercise Program

The Sleep Apnea Exercise is a comprehensive guide on getting rid of the sleep apnea without the need for CPAP, weight loss, dental ... will also find in this manual the names and website addresses of speech pathologists in the US and UK who specialize ... read more

Treating sleep disorders

As director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at Mount Sinai, Steven Feinsilver is an internist and pulmonologist who specializes in treating sleep disorders ... disease sleep apnea, you need to have 10 or more apnea events an hour.” Patients with ... read more

More options available to help stop snoring

The dentist-prescribed oral appliances have been shown to be a good option for sleep apnea and snoring treatment. A 10-year follow-up of patients ... rest, they conk out so hard and their muscles relax so deeply that the snoring is actually worse. If you ... read more

Sleep apnea patient finds rest with UK dentistry

When Danville native Linda Pike was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea in 2010, she was relieved to finally discover a name for the condition that had kept her from getting a good night's rest for years. Her troubles were far from over though, as she ... read more

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