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Failure of single-unit restorations on root filled posterior teeth: A systematic review

Previous article in Accepted Articles: NLRP3 inflammasome may regulate inflammatory response of Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts in an apoptosis-associated speck-like protein containing a CARD (ASC) dependent manner Previous article in Accepted ... read more
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Restoration of the root canal treated tooth

Summarises the available literature pertaining to the restoration of root filled teeth. Gives practitioners information on how to choose the appropriate temporary, interim and definitive restorations required for anterior and posterior root filled teeth. read more

Single crowns or routine fillings for the restoration of root-filled teeth

There is insufficient evidence to assess the effects of crowns compared to conventional fillings for the restoration of root-filled teeth. Until more evidence becomes available, clinicians should continue to base decisions about how to restore root-filled ... read more

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Given the choice between a dental crown and a large filling, which should I choose?

The analysis of the literature was published in 2 scientific articles: Failure of single-unit restorations on root filled posterior teeth: a systematic review. Failure rate of single-unit restorations on posterior vital teeth: A systematic review. read more

Your guide to perfect teeth

The dentist drills out the decay and/or dental filling and repair services the tooth in a single go to. The fix must last from ... however it can not treat it. A deep clean (root-surface debridement) might be suggested if you have especially deep areas ... read more

Tips for temps (part 1)

For posterior areas, always cut anterior at contact of a specific tooth for quick positioning. For the anterior area, place a pencil line down the middle between the two centrals. This will allow you to quickly position the matrix filled with the bis-GMA ... read more


Finally, this section provides a brief description of all the currently available posterior restorative materials ... pliable state and then set hard. For direct restorations, the tooth is prepared and the filling material is placed during the same ... read more

Coronal microleakage of restorations with or without cervical barrier in root-filled teeth

However, studies showed that coronal microleakage can occur around temporary restorations (2 ... thickness of Coltosol on the root-canal filling material. A total of 50 extracted single-rooted human maxillary anterior teeth were collected under a protocol ... read more

In Vitro Assessment of Single-Retainer Tooth-Colored Adhesively Fixed Partial Dentures for Posterior Teeth

Vitale, 59, 40125 Bologna, Italy The purpose of this paper was to investigate, by means of marginal adaptation and fracture strength, three different types of single retainer posterior ... root growth were were procured from a private dental office with ... read more

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