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Failure of single-unit restorations on root filled posterior teeth: a systematic review

This systematic review investigated the failure rate of conventional single-unit restorations in root filled posterior permanent teeth. Two reviewers independently applied eligibility criteria, extracted data and assessed the quality of the evidence of ... read more
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Restoration of the root canal treated tooth

Summarises the available literature pertaining to the restoration of root filled teeth. Gives practitioners information on how to choose the appropriate temporary, interim and definitive restorations required for anterior and posterior root filled teeth. read more

Single crowns or routine fillings for the restoration of root-filled teeth

There is insufficient evidence to assess the effects of crowns compared to conventional fillings for the restoration of root-filled teeth. Until more evidence becomes available, clinicians should continue to base decisions about how to restore root-filled ... read more

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Given the choice between a dental crown and a large filling, which should I choose?

The analysis of the literature was published in 2 scientific articles: Failure of single-unit restorations on root filled posterior teeth: a systematic review. Failure rate of single-unit restorations on posterior vital teeth: A systematic review. read more

Contact Dentist in Parramatta for General and Cosmetic Dental Solutions

... and restorations are also quite common for those having tooth decayed by cavity or need a filling to the broken or cracked teeth to restore the functionality and appeal of the teeth. The dentist Parramatta is also expert in offering root canal ... read more

Dental composite :: In Details ...

Dental composite ... of requiring root canal therapy if the failure of the filling is not caught quickly. Amalgam fillings may crack a portion of the tooth off, but otherwise tend to fail at a much slower rate. Composite resin restorations have several ... read more

Coronal microleakage of restorations with or without cervical barrier in root-filled teeth

However, studies showed that coronal microleakage can occur around temporary restorations (2 ... thickness of Coltosol on the root-canal filling material. A total of 50 extracted single-rooted human maxillary anterior teeth were collected under a protocol ... read more

Restoration of Endodontically Treated Molars Using All Ceramic Endocrowns

Clinical success of endodontically treated posterior teeth is determined by the postendodontic restoration ... female patient reported for the filling of her lower 1st molar. On clinical examination tooth number 36 was root canal treated one month back ... read more

What is the difference between direct and indirect dental bonding?

"Direct dental bonding" commonly refers to the procedure of placing tooth-colored composite restorations (fillings) on a single tooth or multiple teeth ... that are located in the back of your mouth (posterior teeth). Direct dental bonding is more popular ... read more

Failure of single-unit restorations on root filled posterior teeth: A systematic review

Previous article in Accepted Articles: NLRP3 inflammasome may regulate inflammatory response of Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts in an apoptosis-associated speck-like protein containing a CARD (ASC) dependent manner Previous article in Accepted ... read more

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