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Scoop Your Poop And Avoid Potentially Life-threatening Colon Cancer: Cancer Society - Latest News

Scoop your poop and avoid potentially life-threatening colon cancer: Cancer Society

The Canadian Cancer Society is urging people to get over the squeamishness of collecting a stool sample because doing so may potentially save their lives. A study released on Wednesday found that abou... read more

Ghana: Nine Cancer Symptoms That You Are Likely to Ignore

According to the American Cancer Society, chronic fatigue, or fatigue that can't be remedied by sleep, can be a sign of leukemia, colon cancer, or cancer of the stomach. It is worth noting, as a means ... read more

Colon X-ray spots cancer, reduces dread factor

Preliminary, unpublished data from the new study already helped persuade the cancer society and others to put out guidelines in March that added virtual colonoscopy and a stool DNA test to the recomme... read more

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Fecal microbiota transplantation helps restore beneficial bacteria in cancer patients

Credit: Jonathan Bailey, NHGRI Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have shown that autologous fecal microbiota transplantation (auto-FMT) is a safe and effective way to help replenis... read more

What Does Your Horse’s Stool Say?

Cancerous "Intestinal cancer such as lymphoma usually causes ... be able to see them), and their population numbers in your horse’s poop can help you make smart deworming decisions to help prevent par... read more

RedHill Biopharma Announces EnteraGam® Poster Presentation at the ISPOR 20th Annual European Congress

Talk to your doctor or healthcare professional ... intended for the dietary management of chronic diarrhea and loose stools due to specific intestinal disorders, which must be administered under medic... read more

An alternative cancer cure testimonial for brain cancer, but not from Stanislaw Burzynski this time

To “Dr. Bernardo,” angry, strong emotions cause acidosis, which causes cancer. My favorite quack claim is that when the body pH is 4.5 you die. Here’s a hint for Dr. Bernardo. If your body pH (as in y... read more

Vaccine-autism connection debunked again

He says vaccines protect against serious life-threatening diseases and delaying them can put your child unnecessarily at risk. "The bottom line is the number of vaccines, or the number of antigens in ... read more

Rapid and unexpected weight gain after fecal transplant

difficile infections, a common cause of antibiotic-related diarrhea that in severe cases may be life-threatening. The case suggests that clinicians should avoid selecting stool donors who are overweig... read more

Can DIY Medical Tests Be Trusted?

"Allergic symptoms can run the gamut from annoying to life threatening," she said ... Dr. Steiner sees less use for the at-home tests. "Blood in the stool can be an indication for colon cancer," said ... read more

The real problem with 'love it or leave'

The slogan of "love it or leave" so famously plastered on an Aussie flag singlet at Woolworths this week is not patriotic, but something sadder, paranoid and uncertain, writes Jonathan Green. If you d... read more

Mystery Solved: The Cause of Iceberger’s Syndrome

When you consume something very cold like ice cream or a 40 oz Slushie, it rapidly chills the roof of your mouth (the hard palate). Just above the hard palate is the sphenopalatine nerve which is extr... read more

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