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Scientific Debate Centers On Giant Crack In Africa's Rift Valley - Latest News

Global Warming Could Bring a Surge in 12 Deadly Diseases

Babesia, cholera, Ebola, intestinal and external parasites, red tides, Rift Valley fever, sleeping sickness and tuberculosis ... outbreaks in central Africa are thought to be correlated to unusual var... read more

Creationist Ken Ham versus the Truth

Either way, your aggressive disingenuousness and sophomoric chicanery stand in stark, pitiable contrast to the mountains of hard scientific evidence that prove evolution true. Mr. Ham, I don’t know wh... read more

Marriage debate: Losing the argument doesn't mean you're being silenced

A chill wind is blowing over public debate in Australia. Even libertarians are joining ... David Glasgow is an associate director in the Public Interest Law Center at New York University School of Law ... read more

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A practical guide to countering science denial

So what does scientific research tell us? One effective way to reduce the influence of science denial is through "inoculation": you can build resistance to misinformation by exposing people to a weak ... read more


NASA talks global warming

The Earth is warming up. That’s a fact. Denialists will deny (and no doubt will amp up the noise in the comments below) but the truth is the Earth has warmed on average over a degree Fahrenheit in the ... read more

Stories for February 2010

posted: 02/28/2010 6:03 a.m. Wal-Mart Canada Corp. has launched a number of new environmental initiatives throughout its national operations, including plans for a refrigerated distribution center nea... read more

Climate debate trashed for short-term gain

The debate around climate change in Australia has turned into ... opinions on the subject have absolutely no expertise in the area, no understanding of the scientific process and probably have never e... read more

Geoscientists discover trigger for past rapid sea level rise

The cause of rapid sea level rise in the past has been found by scientists at the University of Bristol using climate and ice sheet models. Using a climate model, Dr Lauren Gregoire of Bristol's Schoo... read more

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