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Hard But Important Words About Why So Many Kids Struggle To Read

Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Many teachers have never learned ... or “phonemes,” that make up words. Then they need to be taught how to connect the 44 phonemes in the English l... read more

Study: Why Words With Many Meanings Make Language More Efficient

Ever wonder why we have so many words with multiple meanings ... That makes our language efficient, rather than tedious and incomprehensible. “When you’re talking to somebody, and you are in the same ... read more

The Many Origins of the English Language

Even the Anglo-Saxons borrowed from Latin (e.g. fork, street, wine), and ever since the Norman Conquest English has been borrowing hugely from French and Latin—quite often taking the same word partly ... read more

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Why the German language has so many great words

They and their English equivalents share the same essential structure: two nouns are combined into a single concept. The second of the two words, called the “primary word,” establishes the general cat... read more


Almost every language has a word for 'Christmas.' Few reference Christ.

How do you keep the Christ in Christmas if your language doesn't ... stocking is stuffed with words that mean quite a few unrelated things. And many of them have nothing to do with Christ. Christmas l... read more

Why Does English Have So Many Words That Mean the Same Damn Thing?

That explains why there are a lot of twin words that mean the same thing in the English language. Think about it! Folk and people. Want and desire. Buy and purchase. Understand and comprehend. Needs a... read more

Engendering Inclusivity in a Language Class

Even in English, we associate particular words with particular genders ... why not have these students choose their pronouns at the same time? Unlike many other languages, Latin has three genders. Non... read more

The amazing benefits of being bilingual

Was it easy to learn so many ... the same system that tells us to ignore the meaning of the word we read but concentrate on the colour of the letters. The snowflake test prepared my ACC for the second ... read more

Cognitive scientists develop new take on old problem: why human language has so many words with multiple meanings

Why did language evolve? While the answer might seem obvious -- as a way for individuals to exchange information -- linguists and other students of communication have debated this question for years. ... read more

We must recognize gender bias in our language

One the largest differences between human beings and our closely related primate ancestors is our capacity for language. The ability to communicate our thoughts through spoken and written word has und... read more

Will emoji become a new language?

To many, emoji are an exciting evolution ... Do emoji show the same characteristics of other communicative systems and actual languages? And what do they help us to express that words alone can’t say? ... read more

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