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PAX 2015: Guild Wars 2 Getting Raids, Play Core Game for Free

Exit Theatre Mode “We’re not ... new raids are added to traditional online games, you get new tiers of gear and levels added, making the raids that came before easier to beat or in many ways redundant,” stresses Johanson. “In Guild Wars 2 when ... read more

First raid arrives in Guild Wars 2, off to a promising start

The first wing of the first ever raid in Guild Wars 2 has been opened ... But a blog post on Friday by ArenaNet revealed that Fractals will be getting love. They will be better balanced (a bit easier at the top end it sounds like), ascended armour drop ... read more

PAX Prime 2015: Guild Wars 2 base game is now free; 10-person Raids coming soon

Those that need to catch up before Guild Wars 2 releases the Heart of Thorns expansion will now find it easier to do so ... as opposed to paid players getting access out of the box. The other big reveal at the panel was 10-player Raids. read more

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Now Playing: earning a hard-fought victory against Guild Wars 2's twisted marionette

That's what I've been doing in Guild Wars 2, finding ... It's hard. Not because it requires twitch reflexes, impeccable build orders or the ability to rise above the shame of stupid mistakes. The marionette couches its difficulty in a variety of engaging ... read more

Even The Best Can't Beat World Of Warcraft Legion's Final Boss

With the latest raid in full force, many players thought it was going to be "ez gg," but it turns out - it's not gg ... Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 - Light's Breach Tues Dec 19 (NA) / Wed Dec 20 (EU) - Raid Finder Wing 2 - Hope's End Tues ... read more

Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 4.1 Adds Shinryu Extreme, Return to Ivalice 24-Man Raid With Ramza And Delita Art

The Royal Menagerie trial which players fight at the end of the Stormblood main story will be getting an Extreme version for adventurers to challenge. For those players looking for even more difficult content, a new tier of raid difficulty will be added in ... read more

A Device That Turns Almost Any Camera Into A Webcam

My 70D does not have this option by default (custom firmware might be the answer), so I had to set the camera recording to active. That eats battery, and really the Cam Link shouldn’t be used for any extended amount of time without an AC adapter of some ... read more

World of Warcraft Showdown: Then vs. Now

When you’re on your tenth character, it’s not nearly as fun. So over time Blizzard has added things that make traveling across the world easier ... path to get there. If you didn’t have time to join a guild and progress through huge raids in the ... read more

‘Headshot’ Review: ‘The Raid’ Star Iko Uwais Stars in Another Brutally Exhausting Bloodbath

Everything you need to know about “Headshot,” an Indonesian bloodbath that stars the same actor from “The Raid” and feels like it was cut ... movies into a genuine cinematic movement, it’s not enough to dismember someone and then beat them ... read more

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