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Friday Question of the Day – How Many Good Friends Have Left D.C.? Have You Recruited Any Friends to Come to D.C.?

It’s something we were talking about at the PoP Peep Project Winners dinner the other night so I thought I’d throw it out to the whole group. How many good friends of yours have left D.C.? Have you recruited any to move to D.C.? read more
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Question of the day: Should Detroit Pistons trade for Russell?

The Detroit Pistons could potentially be in the running for D’Angelo Russell in exchange for their top-12 pick. That brings us to the question of the day: Should the Pistons trade for Russell? The Detroit Pistons might finally get their chance at a star ... read more

Major Spoilers Question of the Day: The Name Is Mario Mario Edition

I’m old enough to remember the original ‘Donkey Kong’ console back in the 1980s, a time when our 8-bit hero was simply called Jumpman. These days, he’s Mario Mario, plumber supreme, and the head of a large Mario family featuring his hundred or so ... read more

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Question of the day

* Morning Spin: Rauner won't sign 911 funding pla..... * Illinois lawmakers meeting again to try to reac..... * Illinois lawmakers meeting again to try to reac..... * Illinois lawmakers meeting again to try to reac..... * Illinois lawmakers meeting again ... read more

BangShift Question of the Day: What Job Do You Hate Doing on Your Car But Yields Satisfying Results?

This may be an odd question, but I was thinking about it while forming new brake lines for Brutus the tow truck recently. I despise forming and flaring brake lines and I always manage to choose projects that pre-bent lines are not available for. It is ... read more

Comment of the Day – Questions for Bill English to answer

Jimmie, one of our commenters asks: Now that Barclay has (finally) appointed his day of reckoning I would like to know the answers to the following points: Might work for employment issues and civil disputes but as a way of dealing with an alleged criminal ... read more

SBI Question of the Day: Which young USMNT goalkeeper is the most exciting prospect?

The U.S. Men’s National Team has seemingly always possessed a talented crop of goalkeepers. From legends like Brad Friedel, Tony Meola and Kasey Keller to current stars Tim Howard and Brad Guzan, the goalkeeping position has long been a spot of strength ... read more

The uncomfortable question you have to ask before your kid goes to a sleepover

It's a question that should be asked every day, but as we hear all too often, sometimes guns get into the hands of children. Each day, 19 children in the United States are either killed or injured by a firearm. And the work isn't done for parents who are ... read more

Biology question of the day

Can kittens be identical twins? Now cat litters are usually bigger than two, but that doesn’t mean that identical twins or even triplets (which result from the splitting of a single fertilized egg) can’t occur. The only way to test this, of course, is ... read more

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker Drazil: What is currently your "favorite tv series (or, you know, episodic video series that might be on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, or YouTube as well as on tv)"? Better Call Saul. This season has just been incredible. OMG. read more

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