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Purim: The Perfect Jewish Holiday For Any Political Junkie

On Wednesday evening Jews all across the world will begin to celebrate the holiday of Purim which commemorates a victory of the Jews over an evil man named Haman. Haman was the royal vizier of the King of Persia. Today Persia is called Iran. Purim is the ... read more

A Jewish World of Infinite Possibility

To be a Jewish ... before Purim, which recalls the enmity and gratuitous cruelty of the Amalekites in Deuteronomy 25, and Reb Zalman was the ba’al tefilah. What I remember from that service is how it ended, with a Mourner’s Kaddish unlike any I had ... read more

The NRA Has An Anti-Semitism Problem

Purim is right around the corner. It’s the holiday in which ... of the “enemy” was Jewish. “History proves it,” LaPierre said, to eruptions of roaring applause. “Every time, in every nation in which this political disease [socialism] rises ... read more

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God’s Smile: The Religious Meaning of Israel’s Independence Day

What is the religious meaning of Israel’s Independence Day ... just like we would any festival. While there is rich discussion among legal authorities if a new holiday may be added to the Jewish calendar, Rabbi Moshe Sofer, the revered “Chatam Sofer ... read more

Spinoza's heresy

And the theological political treatise and the political ... a bit unorthodox in their Jewish practice because of the generations of Catholic influence. So for example, on the Purim holiday, they celebrated what they called the Feast of St Esther. read more

Rabbi Zalman Melamed on Gen. Alon Dispute: Unity is Paramount

Speaking at the holiday ... Rabbi Eliezer said that redemption is a function of repentance, but if the Jewish people are not amenable to repentance, G-d sees to it that a wicked king's decrees bring them together, as in the Purim story. Rabbi Melamed's ... read more

In the Purim Story, Are Esther and Mordechai Ethical Characters?

Purim is not my favorite holiday ... criticism completely but the problem remains that Jewish society has portrayed this holiday in such a way that we forget that Esther and Mordechai are not these perfect human beings. After all, not even Moses or ... read more

Ivanka Trump's $740 Million World: How the First Daughter Transplanted Her Life to Washington Without Missing a Beat So Far

As if she were just any regular new mom in town ... traditional pastries for the Jewish holiday of Purim. While she's been adamant that the well-being of her family is her No. 1 priority overall, perhaps the most relatable thing about Ivanka in recent ... read more

Netanyahu's Insulting, Dangerous and Divisive Speech: Wrong in Detail and Wrong in Substance

This was an act of gross discourtesy to the president, a violation of diplomatic protocol, and a clear departure from the US Constitution that puts the executive branch in charge of foreign policy and relations with foreign political leaders. Apparently ... read more

Miracles and Dreidels

In that work, he states that the fact that the Jewish ... As we spin in perfect balance, on our central point, we are balanced and whole. So, it is not the spinning alone that teaches us. It is something more. For on both Chanukah and Purim we Jews take ... read more

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