Publishing Your Book: The Role Of Short Print Runs

POW! Midland resident runs independent comic book publisher

graphic novels, board games, and more. This independent publisher has managed to carve its niche in the comic world, becoming one of the industry’s most notable publishers. “Depending on the ... read more

The Future of Content Lies in Transparent and Digital Publishing

digital delivery of content via electronic platforms to your device is bound to become the mainstream approach for small and medium-sized publishers striving to hone their niche. Print will live ... read more

Brian Wilder: lead player in Australian publishing

For a generation where life was dominated by print ... Book publishers to protect their rights and prevent the dumping of foreign books into Australia by overseas publishers. He also played a key ... read more

Running from Bondage

a political revolution for independence from Great Britain and a social revolution for emancipation and equality in which Black women played an active role. Running from Bondage broadens and ... read more

Writing competition: Win professional coaching and be published in The Herald

Her excellent Pearl Pavlova children’s story was published with the help of Mighty Pens and has not only gone into a second print run but has ... to life through books and short stories. read more

Media Briefing: What four publishers’ latest earnings reports indicate about their digital makeovers

Direct revenue, like subscriptions, was a particular bright spot for publishers ... 40% came from print, which recovered by 39% compared to Q3 2020 but came in 25% short of the Q3 2019 mark. read more

24 Types of Book Genres Every Bookworm Should Know and Read

Historical nonfiction might bring to mind your dad’s collection of World War II books—but there are sooo many books that go beyond that topic. Whether you are fascinated by the roles women ... read more

Digital Studio TheSoul Publishing Dominating in Viewership for Newly Launched YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts, the video platform’s answer to viral short-form content in the vein of TikTok, launched this summer and the top creators in the space are starting to emerge. TheSoul Publishing ... read more

Audio descriptions will run and run

As an audio describer, I’ve met several people recently who stream a TV programme or film, then access the audio description service, allowing them to listen while cycling, running, or doing the ... read more

Higher Education’s Role in the Era of the Great Resignation

Higher Education’s Role in the Era of the Great Resignation The numbers are startling: in the wake of deadly COVID infections, quarantines and isolation, nearly 3 percent of the entire U.S. workforce ... read more

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