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Piercing Sound Can Be Excessive Police Force, Federal Court Rules - Latest News

NYPD Use Of Sound Cannons For Crowd Dispersal Can Qualify As Excessive Force, Judge Rules

The NYPD's use of a sound cannon against nonviolent protesters can indeed be considered excessive force, a federal appeals ... nonviolent protesters. The court did not find this argument persuasive. “ ... read more

NYPD sound cannons may be excessive force, judge rules

A lawsuit regarding the New York Police Department’s use of sound cannons can move forward after a federal judge ruled Wednesday that it may be considered a form of excessive force ... number,” Judge ... read more

Protester claims cop noise cannon caused him partial hearing loss

Police use LRADs as loudspeakers to give crowds directions and to emit pulsating shrieks that force people to cover their ears and run to escape the noise. "The LRAD is more a sound weapon ... and/or ... read more

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Why police brutality laws don’t seem to matter in America

According to LipsigQueens.com, police brutality occurs when police and law enforcement officers use excessive force or violence, inflicting unwarranted harm on someone. Federal law ... where getting a ... read more

Transcript: Day Three of the Roberts Confirmation Hearings

What I can tell you is that with respect ... quote, "that the federal courts have no business in this field; that American law has always accorded to state the power to prevent, by force if necessary, ... read more

Cleveland’s Blame Game Before the Trumpocalypse

Many have noted that Cleveland will be the first city to host a national political convention while its police force is under federal ... rules—no sleeping bags, tents, water guns, tennis balls, aeros... read more

How Chicago’s Police Union Contract Ensures Abuses Remain in the Shadows

One June 14, six community groups, including Black Lives Matter Chicago, filed a federal lawsuit hoping to force the city to submit to court ... which can be intimidating and complicated to arrange. “ ... read more

Protesters Sue NYPD Over Use Of Potentially Deafening LRAD Sound Weapon

claiming—among other things—that the police violated their civil rights by using excessive force and preventing them from exercising their rights to free speech, assembly, and expression. The LRAD was ... read more

Fired and rehired: Hundreds of officers fired for misconduct returned to policing

The Post's findings illustrate the obstacles local police agencies face in holding their own accountable at a critical moment for policing: President Trump's administration has indicated that the fede... read more

She was the PTA mom everyone knew. Who would want to harm her?

Irvine police ... full-force. Paydays and 100 Grand bars tumbled through the gash. Four months after the verdict Easter was back in court, this time in a handsome dark suit, telling the trial judge, M... read more

The 1996 Republican Party Platform

Bill Clinton has demonstrated that he fails to understand the role excessive ... as well as in federal work force programs. Under a Republican renewal, the abilities of all will be needed in an expand... read more

A Look At High-Profile Police Shootings Of Black People

Federal ... police have a long history of civil rights violations and excessive force. The Chicago Police Department has since released a new use-of-force policy that requires officers undergo de-esca... read more

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