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PETER HITCHENS: Like A Rattlesnake, The EU Can Bite Us Long After It Gets The Chop - Latest News

PETER HITCHENS: Like a rattlesnake, the EU can bite us long after it gets the chop

We learned last week that a rattlesnake can still bite and kill you long after you have cut off its head. The European Union is just as dangerous. I am amazed at how relaxed so many people are about l... read more

Peter Hitchens: I have got 'a lot of pleasure' out of Corbyn's success

It can't be rescued and nobody wants to rescue it," Peter Hitchens ... abandoned true social conservatism long ago, and holds both the Tory and Labour establishment in contempt. He, in the aftermath o... read more

The US Congress Anti-Science Committee

[NB: As always with posts like this, I strongly urge you to read my note about posts covering politics and religion as well as my commenting policy before leaving a comment.] Not too long ago ... anat... read more

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Then and now: how our response to terror evolved

We experienced attacks like ... can be argued that they were unnecessary and that a better approach would have been to extend the criminal law's reach to give police and the courts sufficient power to ... read more

The Scheme to Take Down Trump

But as Matthews points out, Trump wasn’t in politics five years ago and was considered a long shot for months after ... would like” for the simple reason that “the flip side of information that cannot ... read more

The E-Cat is back, and people are still falling for it!

Neil deGrasse Tyson But it's not enough to just simply think about how wonderful it would be if it were true, especially because whether cold fusion can even physically happen ... trying to swindle yo... read more

PETER HITCHENS: The Marxist Revolution is alive and well - in your child's school

‘Incidents of hate crime after Brexit, Islamophobia and the media portrayal of ... which discussed ‘refugees’, the head teacher spoke of ‘these dark days’ since the EU referendum. The boy has recently ... read more

End times for doomsday-linked radio network?

There were also initiatives like Project Caravan, which dispatched teams of volunteers ... The coordinator for Project Caravan, Ted Kim, left Family Radio soon after May 21, 2011. Once his ambassadors ... read more

Being gay at church

The participants tell the stories of what it's like to be on the receiving end of "Hate the Sin ... Accusations of bigotry and perversion can be exchanged from one side to another. What is achieved th... read more

Amateur planet hunters find a world with a four star rating

But it gets better yet ... a binary star at the right spot to have liquid water as well. Like PH-1, that planet is probably a gas giant, but it might have big moons… And this shows us once again that ... read more

The Yahoo With the Microphone

When the young Bismarck left St. Petersburg after his four-year stint ... terminal carnage pictured by the yahoo with the microphone. The electorate nonetheless wanted change, and at any price. Donald ... read more

The public still wants an end to the chaos

Why was the Abbott Government judged so harshly so early, particularly when the first few months were devoted to ridding the country of unpopular measures like the carbon ... parties for a long time n... read more

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