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Nun's orchid wows with delicate, spicy blooms

All wound up being claimed by other employees, except one last plant that had been residing in a north-facing window. It looked like a down-on-its-luck cast iron plant (Aspidistra). I had little plant growing ... Nun's orchid scapes emerge in late winter. read more
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Get Growing: Orchids and bromeliads will brighten your winter, and are easy to care for

Bright colors awaken us from a winter ... time of year. Orchids are the first flower that most gardeners identify for luscious indoor blooms. Orchids are not as difficult to grow as you might think. Recently, while attending the Tropical Plant Industry ... read more

How to grow orchids

Rob Stirling is a horticultural adviser at Wisley and has been collecting and growing orchids ... applying to the plant as very cold rainwater in winter can kill. From March to October feed phalaenopsis with a proprietary orchid food, to aid both growth ... read more

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Orchidelirium: orchids at the New York Botanic Gardens

On seeing it, the Duke of Devonshire became so obsessed that he built a greenhouse the size of an acre, burning 300 tonnes of coal each winter to carry heat via seven miles of pipes to maintain his collection of orchids. Growing plants in greenhouses and ... read more

Sprout Home Plant Of The Week: Orchids

on repeat in your own head ... Doing this for a few weeks will signal the plant to get its flower farm in action. In dim winter climates, placing the orchid near a south window in the middle of winter may prove helpful. Once flower buds are mature and ... read more

Flower Plants That Can Grow Easily

Growing ... to plant and grow this winter. Water the plant and leave for one hour before planting it in container. Always plant pansies in a frost free container with easy drainage holes. The plant can be kept from full to partial sun. 2.Orchids: These ... read more

How to Grow Rhynchostylis Foxtail Orchid

Growing foxtail orchid isn’t difficult, and is largely a matter of replicating the plant’s natural environment. Rhynchostylis orchids are epiphytic plants that grow on tree trunks in warm, tropical climates. Foxtail orchid plants don’t do well in ... read more

Fort Worth's orchid whisperer will teach you how to keep those gift plants alive

Orchids naturally grow more horizontally in a pot and will be happy with a fixed light source. Orchids are a popular gift plant, but not everyone who receives one knows that orchids are repeat bloomers ... plant is nearing its winter rest period. read more

Growing Indoor Orchids

To grow an orchid, you have to think like an orchid ... Many growers use Peter’s 20/20/20 fertilizer at quarter strength. In the winter, keep your plant warm and cut the water back to once a month or so. Mist it every so often to make sure it stays ... read more

The easiest orchids to grow

Paphiopedilum orchids are one of the easiest orchids to grow at home ... and have not had a repeat of the problem. Whether it was the cinnamon or the cleaning up of the bugs that cured the problem, I can’t say. But for a while, my plant stand exuded ... read more

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