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Nonsense ideology turns MLB games into impractical mess

Baseball, especially as shown on TV — the way most of us observe it — is now, like most everything else, a matter of ideology versus practicality. How so? Well, take an ACLU lawyer who is opposed to profiling on constitutional grounds. In America ... read more

Sheriff Clarke 'proud' of Trump's Charlottesville response; Huckabee: 'Utter nonsense' to say Trump a racist

Now, instead of covering this horrible situation fairly, openly, honestly, like we're going to do tonight, over the weekend, we saw the destroy Trump establishment media go into a feeding frenzy ... targeted Republicans at baseball practice, leaving ... read more

The Plague of the Witch Doctors

Turmoil, misery, and debt thus become tools for our government's Mad Hatters to smuggle us into their Brave New World. The current din of criticism against Bernanke is a lot like baseball fans, screaming "throw the bum out" at the game or venting their ... read more

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No retreat: In Rhonda Thurman's world ideology is everything, compromise, weakness

Her stepfather played semi-professional baseball and the whole family traveled town to town for various games ... into the restaurant's kitchen and grabbed a rag to start cleaning up tables. Someone else grabbed a broom. "Our family doesn't leave a mess ... read more

Don’t Mess With Taxes

That is exactly what is needed to begin to turn this country around ... But I have the same sympathy for these folks that I do for baseball players. Both occupations were never intended to be permanent careers. Personally I would be in favor of a change ... read more

Parents 'risk turning their daughters into spoilt princesses by letting them dress up'

Parents are turning their little girls into ‘pink potentates’ by allowing them to dress ... is resulting in a reduction in ‘real play’, as girls wearing fashionable, impractical and expensive clothes are often ‘anxious about getting them dirty’. read more

Media blanket Baltimore riots; 'Clinton Cash' author under fire

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN: But there are others who are boarding the authorities at every turn, even -- WOLF BLITZER ... People couldn't leave Camden yards after the baseball game. The streets were so out of control. And CNN, 50 miles down the road, can't ... read more

Thorium Power Is the Safer Future of Nuclear Energy

But perhaps the most salient benefit of thorium power, in our geopolitically dicey world, is that the fuel is much harder to turn into a bomb. Thorium itself isn’t fissile. The thorium fuel cycle does produce fissile material, U-233, which theoretically ... read more

Americans turn their wallets into weapons against SJW activism

In fact, economists are projecting fiscal consequences are looming ahead as Americans turn their wallets into weapons against the progressive pap they have been forced to endure while watching the games. Should this Trump-NFL controversy roll on for the ... read more

Organic Farming Could Feed the World, But…

So is it possible to do it organically? Modern farming methods focus on maximizing crop yields with the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which put off a surplus of nitrogen that turns into greenhouse gases or finds it’s way into waterways. read more

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