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Nerf and Buff Bats Hit GW2 Classes…and Even Food!

A new patch is now available for ArenaNet’s free-to-play MMO Guild Wars 2 and it’s making some serious changes to the game’s classes. The patch notes, now available on the official forums, is filled with a litany of buffs and nerfs to all nine of the ... read more
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Arcane Brilliance: Six things I love about being a Mage in the beta

I had myself all braced for the nerf-bat to hit ... classes and yet dies faster than any of them." That era is still ongoing, to be perfectly honest. Let me just say that on the beta, a new era is dawning. Let's call it the "best era of all time." I can't ... read more

Guild Wars 2

I said specifically that we should nerf the corruption abilities. I didn’t say anything about nerfing the damage of the class or anything along those lines. I’ve always loved Gw2 PvP.. Ever since the Beta Events, even ... to other classes and specs ... read more

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Which path will SWTOR take? Fight the power, or go with the flow?

... still deliberating over whether to hop over to this game or wait for GW2. Been reading up about it on the Bioware forums, was looking into the various classes (initially attracted to the Sith Juggernaut) and found something that made me think a ... read more

Anti-farm code and Magic Find: A farmer's Perspective

In GW and GW2 stuff respawns insanely fast compared to ALOT of other MMO or even regular RPG or ARPGs ... seems like dungeons are also getting hit with the farming nerf bat did cm explore first time for today(done it a few times b4) and the 2nd and ... read more

Why people say Arcane is OP

It is a tool to be used against anyone, any time, because it hampers all classes and ... please arcane is fine atm , hate arcane mages , nobody ever asked you to play one , asking about nerf mages ? why don't you ask for Buff my calss instand , even ... read more

SWTOR DPS Buffs might be toned down in the future

SWTOR Developer Rob Hinkle posted on the forums today that the recent DPS buff may have being a bit too much and the ... It’s easy to say just start swinging the nerf bat, but that really isn’t a great solution. In a perfect world we will be able ... read more

Seemingly Rare Game-Breaking Bug Found In PC Version Of Prey [UPDATE]

Prey players have apparently discovered a save-corrupting bug in the PC version that renders the new sci-fi game unplayable. Those of us at Kotaku who are playing Prey haven’t run into this one, but you should be aware nonetheless. Everything came to a ... read more

Crowfall is tweaking healing, dizzy states, and multiple archetypes

So, we cut them and pushed down the power of the Command Buff into the Discipline Buff in the 3rd attack. We also added an instant group heal component to the 3rd attack. This should make the Legionnaire feel a bit more “heal-y”, as most Legionnaires ... read more

Guild Wars 2: Dungeon Crawl

A while back I talked about how infuriatingly stupid the faction heroes are in Guild Wars 2. I was referring to ... In another dungeon, we ran into a boss that got to heal itself whenever you hit it with any type of condition damage. read more

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