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Nerf and Buff Bats Hit GW2 Classes…and Even Food!

So, they’ve decided to nerf them by 50%. For the full rundown on all the changes made with this update, check out the notes on the Guild Wars 2 forums. read more
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Columns: Balance Patch Aftermath: May 16th

After the positive responses to the last article summing up balance and class states across the game modes, we thought another one would be appropriate for the latest big balance patch to hit Guild Wars 2 ... with the buff also making them even stronger ... read more

Arcane Brilliance: Six things I love about being a Mage in the beta

I had myself all braced for the nerf-bat to hit ... classes and yet dies faster than any of them." That era is still ongoing, to be perfectly honest. Let me just say that on the beta, a new era is dawning. Let's call it the "best era of all time." I can't ... read more

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Guild Wars 2

I said specifically that we should nerf the corruption abilities. I didn’t say anything about nerfing the damage of the class or anything along those lines. I’ve always loved Gw2 PvP.. Ever since the Beta Events, even ... to other classes and specs ... read more

Do you really expect to be able to kill any other prof 1v1?

Page 7 of 7 - Do you really expect to be able to kill any other prof 1v1? - posted in Guardian: Im guessing math wasnt your strong point, double 10k is 18k. Eles also get defensive things like earth attunement to make up for it, ... Guild Wars 2 Guru read more

Why people say Arcane is OP

It is a tool to be used against anyone, any time, because it hampers all classes and boosts the power of the ... asked you to play one , asking about nerf mages ? why don't you ask for Buff my calss instand , even so still this will not buff you brain ... read more

SWTOR Proposed Class Changes for Arsenal Merc/Gunnery Commando in 5.3

Bioware published another round of class changes for Arsenal Merc and Gunnery Commando in Patch 5.3. This will bring in some nerfs to those specs. Boltstorm deals 4.89% less damage and costs 20 energy cells (up from 16) Curtain of Fire no longer increases ... read more

Icecrown Citadel Zone Buff, Blue posts

The optional zone buff in the Icecrown Citadel ... block 20,000 or more damage on a 60,000 hit. Being able to trivialize lower level mobs is sort of a bizarre perk though (and one not shared by all tank classes) and not something we're really interested ... read more

These Shoes Have Mega Man On Them And Somehow Don't Look Terrible

Ubiq, a high-end footwear store based out of Philly, is collaborating with Capcom on some video game-themed kicks that look a little more stylish and reserved than your average Mega Man sneakers. Long gone are the days of scrounging through Hot Topic for ... read more

WoW Wednesday: Mythic+ Changes, PTR, and You Got Your Diablo In My Warcraft

This overall for lower level groups will end up being a nerf to the total amount of loot gained from a 3-chest clear on the current build, and as we all know, less loot usually equals a bunch of people on the forums going bat guano crazy and throwing their ... read more

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