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Mobile key technology is attractive for millennial travelers

If there's one thing we know about millennials, it's that they always have a finger on the pulse of the next big technology trend. From the Apple Watch to hoverboards to 3D printers - they follow the latest and greatest. As the largest living generation in ... read more
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How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

Looking into the future, it is obvious that technology ... millennials. Location-based mobile apps make traveler's lives easier. According to a study by TripAdvisor, nearly 42% of global travelers use their smartphones to plan their trips. One of the key ... read more

The Rising Wave Of Millennial Travelers

better cater to the needs and interests of millennial travelers,” who are spending more and embracing the internet and mobile technology during travels. The report is part of a series based on the results of the Millennial Traveller survey that aims to ... read more

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What You Can Expect From FinTech in 2017

Trust will continue to become a consumer difference maker Although factors such as price play an important role in deciding whether someone should become a customer, the key aim for any ... industry that is driven by mobile technology at the point-of ... read more

3 Characteristics That Define Millennial Business Travelers

The Millennial age group is not an easy one to tie down. But past the considerations in technology ... mobile presence, Millennial business travelers hold high standards for travel providers in other digital domains. A clean and easy user experience is key ... read more

5 Tips to Attract Millennial Travelers on Social Media

It is important for a hotelier to understand that Millennial travelers do not travel like their parents and grandparents do. For example, according to a study by Expedia and Egencia, Millennials are “far likelier than 46-65 year-olds to use mobile ... read more

Panelists explore mobile and social preferences of millennial travelers

Many millennial travelers (born after 1980) are already taking trips, but what do they expect from the travel industry? How will they re-shape ... the gaming and entertainment industry and how this technology could be used in the travel industry as a ... read more

How to Win Millennial Business & Leisure Travel Loyalty

To that end, millennials are using mobile technology to ... of business and leisure travelers allows hotels to improve engagement with their guests before, during and after their stay. This unique and timely engagement is key to providing deeper ... read more

5 Key Facts About Mobile, Millennials, and Hotel Marketing – Travel Tuesday

Millennials aren’t a “future trend.” They’re here today. “Millennials comprise 32% of U.S. travelers and are the ... a generation that’s grown up with mobile phones. A smartphone is no more a piece of technology in the hands of a Millennial ... read more

Will 2017 Bring Growth for the U.S. Hotel Industry?

Among others, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore and Thailand continue to attract travelers ... thus the key to better brand experience and hoteliers are continuously reengineering these to provide a more fulfilling experience. In fact, mobile check ... read more

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