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Loud Snoring Thins The Skull And May Be Deadly, Study Finds - Latest News

Loud snoring thins the skull and may be deadly, study finds

People with sleep apnoea have skulls have are up to 1.23mm thinner than others Skull erosion of 1mm can cause spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak (sCSF-L) sCSF-L is when the protective fluid surround... read more

Nearly 1 in 3 have sleepwalked, study finds

New research suggests it's even more common than you may think. Researchers published a study in the journal Neurology involving more than 19,000 American adults, and found that nearly 30% had sleepwa... read more

10 Baffling Medical Conditions

Invariably, the next morning Adler finds ... skull for his brain. Surgeons made an incision at the base of Rhett's skull to the top of his neck and removed the bone around the brain stem and spinal co... read more

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Is the Safe Schools and same-sex marriage debate harmful?

University lecturers are being asked to assess their content for potentially triggering material on the basis that witnessing some things may be harmful to students. There's nothing surprising here. R... read more


No, the LHC won’t destroy the Earth

Two men are suing to stop the LHC from being switched on, saying it may be dangerous and might even destroy the ... If that happens, it would fall through the Earth and, well, you can guess what bad t... read more

SPRITE found to be best cure for hangover

Now, however, experts say that Sprite may be best thing to lay your hands on ... causing it to swell temporarily and crash against the skull. But as we age our brains shrink, so there is more room for ... read more

Bose Made a White Noise Machine You Stick In Your Ears

Also, it means you can stop sleeping with uncomfortable earbuds jammed into your skull. The Bose sleepbuds started as ... Bose’s demo simulated examples of noisy environments: Snoring partners, loud n... read more

J.J. Abrams Top Secret Trailer for Cloverfield in Front of Transformers!!

You can hear this odd freaky roar in the background as more huge flaming/smoking things fly through the air and it ends with ... There's also a bit more about the style and what it may actually be abo... read more

CU Denver Study Calls Homeless Laws Harsh & Ineffective

DENVER (CBS4)– A study from the University of Colorado Denver states the City of Denver’s current homeless laws harsh and ineffective. The report finds that Denver’s ... said Denver Homeless Out Loud ... read more

Trump to Impose Tariffs on Steel, Aluminum Imports

But this could come back and bite us. China and others may retaliate and impose their own tariffs. It could also drive up prices, which could end up hurting our companies that purchase and use those m... read more

“Large-Nosed Horned Face” Nasutoceratops Debuts

[Full disclosure: I volunteer in the paleontology department of the Natural History Museum of Utah, where Nasutoceratops is curated and some of the new study’s research was conducted.] read more

When in doubt, shout – why shaking someone’s beliefs turns them into stronger advocates

This may seem random, but previous studies have shown that people have less confidence in what they write with the hand they’re less comfortable with. Indeed, that’s what Gal and Rucker found in their ... read more

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