Lack Of Cannabis Banking Hurts Average Small Business Owners, While Wealthy Entrepreneurs Flourish | Latest News RSS feed

Lack Of Cannabis Banking Hurts Average Small Business Owners, While Wealthy Entrepreneurs Flourish - Latest News

How to Solve Income Inequality

Below are seven suggestions on how to solve income inequality, though no single suggestion fixes ... "We expand access to credit on very, very generous terms for small business owners," says Jonny Pri... read more

First look at US pay data, it’s awful

While median pay — the halfway point on the salary ladder declined, average pay rose because of continuing ... on creating jobs and dealing with the banking sector that many demonstrators blame for th... read more

Powerball Meme Mathematical Illiteracy Illustrates Bernie Sanders' Appeal

Appeals to reason and math are discounted as right-wing propaganda. Here's another fun meme about this: Share your own favorites below. Ed Krayewski is a former associate editor at Reason. read more

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What the World Will Look Like if Occupy Wall Street Wins

There are many reasons why the Occupy Wall Street movement could fail – a lack of cohesion ... to shorting virtually the entire mainstream financial sector while investing in small, local community ba... read more

A reality check on a harsh welfare overhaul

While people aged 30 and over won't have to face a potential ... I found myself underperforming due to depression and lack of confidence. By the way, she had a university degree and had worked for man... read more

Single-payer health reform bill introduced in Senate (update x 3)

The small business community has difficulty organizing. As a counselor to small businesses through the local Small Business Development Center for several years, I was sent in when the owners got tang... read more

The Party of Big Business

Most Americans associated the party with big business and the country club ... they thought the GOP looked out for the rich rather than the common man. Precisely. While the GOP successfully internaliz... read more

Whole Foods' John Mackey: Why Intellectuals Hate Capitalism

And when they became wealthy and successful and rose ... reason: Is it a misunderstanding of what business does? Is it envy? Is it a lack of capacity to understand that what entrepreneurs do, or what ... read more

America Celebrates Lateral Move From Monarchy To Corporate Rule

Now instead of your national affairs being determined by some gilded schmuck across the pond, they are determined by the billionaire owners of multinational ... the behavior of their government while ... read more

10 questions you would ask at the presidential debate

While the questions for all the debates are decided by the ... didn't "use his political clout on finding solutions to right the economy and inspire business to return to expanding and hiring." 3. Bot... read more

Abbott is losing the competence contest

he's also losing the competence contest. This week's Essential Report reveals a sharp fall in the perception that Abbott is a capable leader. In the last two months, including the summer break when he ... read more

Ask the World Bank President

Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank, and a man who believes that 2009 will be a “dangerous year”, will be speaking on March 31st and has agreed to take questions from Reuters readers. But the ... read more

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