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Khordad Sal Holiday Celebrates the Zoroastrian Prophet Lord Zoroaster

Khordad Sal is a very crucial event in the calendar of Zoroastrians. Khordad Sal day marks the birth anniversary of Prophet Spitaman Zarathushtra (Zoroaster). Khordad Sal, celebrated at the March 28, is the equivalent of Christmas for Christians, and it is ... read more

Understanding Zoroastrianism – The 6th Century’s Monotheistic Religion & their Expected Messiah

Khordad Sal: The birthday of Zoroaster ... of the Prophet’s birth cannot be identified accurately. This festival is considered one of the most important in the Zoroastrian calendar. Zoroastrians gather in Fire temples for prayers and then celebrate ... read more

Copy of Zoroastrianism

Overview Zoroastrianism was created 3500 years ago by the prophet Zoroaster and is one of the world's oldest monotheistic religion. Zoroastrians believe in one God called Ahura Mazda which means "Wise Lord ... called Khordad Sal is another holiday ... read more

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Khordad Sal

The Parsis of India, descendants of the original Zoroastrian immigrants from Iran (formerly Persia), celebrate the birthday of their founder on this day. Zoroaster (or Zarathushtra, c. 1200 b.c.e.) was a Persian prophet ... the Wise Lord, and his evil ... read more

Dean of Student Life

If you know of a significant holiday or holy day coming up, please communicate the information to Hannah Pynn in the Dean of Student Life office. Khordad Sal is the Zoroastrian celebration of the birth of Zoroaster ... read more

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In India the Parsi community celebrates this day as a festival begun by the great sage Zoroaster ... for women. KHORDAD SAL: 23rd August- On this day Parsis celebrate the birthday of Prophet Zarathustra, the founder of their religion, Zoroastrianism. read more

Zoroastrian calendar

[10] Isolated pockets of Asia Minor use an alternative reckoning of years which predates the Yazdegirdi Era, being based on a supposed date of the birth of Zoroaster on 3 March 389 BC. On this calendar, 22 July AD 2000 was the first day of Zoroastrian year ... read more

Religious Festivals and Holidays: January - March 2017

Khordad Sal ... Zoroaster. The date is symbolic as the actual date of Zoroaster's birth cannot be accurately identified. The festival is one of the most important in the Zoroastrian and Parsi calendar, when they gather in fire temples for prayer and ... read more

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As far as I know Hillary Clinton was not caught fibbing about her reason for declining an invitation to participate in a debate proposed for the beginning of Passover, and it pains me to see that a diary proclaiming that HRC was "caught" in such a "fib ... read more

32306325 ZOROASTRIAN Civilisation From the Earliest Times to the Downfall of the Last Zoroastrian Empire 651AD 13.2mb

activities and inDiscoveries Society Alleged literary ventions Kingship Warfare Architectural achievements ascribed to the Pishdadians Feasts and festivals Dress and cheer to the ancient Iranians Man in relation to his invisible benefactors Man combats his ... read more

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