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Is Yogurt Actually Good For You?

But is yogurt really good for you, given how much sugar it has ... R.D. While people are REALLY obsessed with Greek yogurt, it is actually pretty similar nutritionally to regular yogurt. (You can see ... read more

Is Your Yogurt Really Good for You? Many Are High in Sugar

The only exceptions are some natural Greek and “Greek-style” yogurts. The researchers analyzed product information for 921 yogurt brands found in U.K. supermarkets and found that average sugar levels ... read more

Organic yogurt isn’t really that good for you, study finds

Organic yogurts fare second worst, with 13.1g of sugar per 100g, and natural or Greek yogurts are best with 5g of sugar ... These live cultures are what make a yogurt “good for your gut” and tend to ... read more

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Is Greek yogurt better for you than regular yogurt?

You may have even seen other new products using Greek yogurt, including frozen yogurt and granola bars. So why is Greek yogurt so popular? Is it really healthier than its ... keep in mind that both ... read more

With so many kinds of yogurt, could it all really be good for you? Here’s what to know

Now there is drinkable yogurt, squeezable yogurt, Greek yogurt ... All of these are good options. Although they all share the yogurt moniker, each offers different health benefits, and some include ... read more

Is Greek Yogurt really good for you?

Yogurt and more so Greek yogurt is fastly becoming a dietary staple. Nutritionists and even celebrity trainers recommend eating a serving of greek yogurt daily as a snack or an easy on-the-go ... read more

Nobody's Really Sure Whether Yogurt Is Good For You

That's not to say that yogurt isn't rich in calcium, potassium, vitamins B and D, and low-fat protein—all of which are good for you. But if you're giving yourself Greek yogurt enemas on the reg, John ... read more

Goodbye, good old Greek yogurt

"The good news is that there doesn't seem to be a next big thing," said Koerten. "The breakfast space is very saturated at this point, but there's nothing really right now that has the sort of ... read more

Gobbling Up Greek Yogurt: Is It Really Better For You?

The popularity of thick, Greek-style yogurt is booming, but is it really healthier for you than regular ... As for which type of yogurt is more nutritious, both are good for you but Greek gets the nod ... read more

Is Greek Yogurt Actually Healthy?

But is this really true? Does Greek yogurt deserve its reputation as a superfood ... High sugar totals can be a good way to tell which Greek yogurts you might want to avoid. The straining process used ... read more

Is Yogurt Actually Good for You?

Yogurt is probably one of your favorite go-to breakfasts or snacks. It’s a good ... really that healthy after all? The short answer is yes. “Considering it’s packed with probiotics, calcium, potassium ... read more

Is that yogurt really healthy? Here’s what to know.

My kids love yogurt, too, yet eating the creamy stuff is more confusing than it was in the 1970s and '80s. Now there is drinkable yogurt, squeezable yogurt, Greek yogurt ... yogurts tastes best to you ... read more

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