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Interviews: EXCLUSIVE: Talking to ArenaNet About Big PvP Changes

There’s a big PVP update coming to Heart of the Mists in Guild Wars 2’s next update. To further detail the changes, we were able to interview ArenaNet’s Benjamin Phongluangtham and Grant Gertz about the new envisioning of the PVP hub and what new ... read more - This Domain Name is For Sale is available for sale. Make an offer here

Exclusive interview with Ashes of Creation’s Jeffrey Bard, formerly of Daybreak

PvE affects PvP affects the economy affects the world. As those things change, each other thing changes ... and what we’re working on. This is a big game, and there’s going to be a lot to talk about. We really want to establish a good community ... read more

Does Blizzard care about PvP?

Yet you play other classes and they feel good in PVP. During the you tube WOD interviews there was such an arrogance coming from some of the Devs. People would post constructive well thought out posts on the BETA forums talking about the concerns. read more

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Exclusive Interview with ArenaNet's Chris Whiteside

Guildwars2Hub has conducted an exclusive interview with Arenanet's Christ Whiteside ... (you're only allowed to talk to us if you ask nice, softball questions), the confusing sometimes downright nonsensical changes, the terrible unfulfilled story/world ... read more

Exclusive World of Warcraft Interview With Blizzard's Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street

The interview is embedded above for your convenience. During the interview, we talk ... and PvP season, but we will do the normal pre expansion launch patch. This would include things like the new talents and the other big mechanics changes coming in ... read more

Exclusive GamesCom Tom Chilton Interview - Archaeology Details and More!

Lots of interesting new Cataclysm-related information has been revealed in extensive interviews ... change forever!" or are they pretty much all done now? Chilton: Yes, I would say that we really still haven't really figured out the world PVP zones like ... read more

Exclusive interview - Bohemia Interactive talks Take On Helicopters

We've got the first interview on Bohemia Interactive's next ... Yeah, when it comes to the Arma series, multiplayer has been a big part of its ongoing success. For Take On, we have multi PvP and co-op gameplay in development, and we'll be evaluating ... read more

Destiny: Rise Of Iron hands-on preview and interview – ‘We’re not afraid of change’

SC: Well, I think that The Taken King showed us that we still had areas of Destiny that we can make even better, and it was okay to change things ... the Icarus multiplayer map is exclusive to PS4 GC: Now, talking to developers one of the favourite ... read more

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Interview: On Mastery, Defiance Changes, and More Jumping Puzzles

Interview by Mike Williams, 03/03/2015. Over two years ago, ArenaNet ... We're not talking yet about what we're doing for PVP progression overall, but it definitely is part of the expansion that we're looking at. USgamer: One huge change is in Heart ... read more

Exclusive Crowfall Crafting Interview with Thomas Blair

I was fortunate to grab a bit of time with ArtCraft Entertainment’s Design Lead, Thomas “Blixtev” Blair, to talk about the Crafting and Harvesting ... to attempt to gather … What about Econ pvp? Can a node be destroyed by a non-crafter? read more

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