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Interracial Family Asks Blue Bell To Change Name Of Great Divide, The Chocolate-vanilla Mix - Latest News

Interracial family asks Blue Bell to change name of 'Great Divide' chocolate-vanilla ice cream

"I thought a new name could be Better Together because it would make everyone happy, also because in our family, everyone no matter our color, are better together as well," Kaleb said. Blue Bell origi... read more

Porn, rape, and a ‘natural experiment’

In fact, I recall realizing that something radical had occurred when visiting my family and observing my brother, who was 8 at the time, deleting porn spam from his Hotmail account. Porn as nuisance r... read more

is anyone getting tired of this yet? (yes): Bryan College “takes a stand” on creationism

Another college feels it needs to take a “stand” on the Bible–meaning recommitting themselves to a view of the Bible that is inexcusable for an institution granting academic degrees, whether in Bible, ... read more

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More Americans say they have no religion

Here’s my question to you: What does it mean when more Americans say they have no religion? Interested to know which ones made it on air? Gordon from New Jersey writes: Jack, It's certainly nothing to ... read more

Same-Sex Marriage Arrives At U.S. Supreme Court

Hodges, which consolidated four cases from Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee. The cases before the Court ask two of the biggest and most controversial questions in the area of same sex marriage: ... read more

The social and biological construction of race

But I had to argue for why her other half should not be listed as “Asian.” For sociological purposes I have no great issue with the term Asian American which is inclusive of South and East Asians (I a... read more

When a parent won’t abide by the understanding behind a non-medical exemption to school vaccine mandates

I also find it comical that she’s complaining about the school violating her son’s privacy, yet she had no problem having his name, school, and vaccination status in the newspaper. I was actually surp... read more

How could a Christian PM call the Bible pro-slavery?

The Bible honestly records the practice of slavery, but to see this as an ... a self-professed Christian, grossly caricatured the Bible. A pastor questioned the PM's change of mind on same-sex marriag... read more

Children and Virgins as Spoils of War and the Character of God

Midianite women led captive The only ones who are spared are the young virgin girls, whom the Israelites are to divide evenly between the soldiers ... There are other factors we can throw into the mix ... read more

On Rationalizing Israel’s Dispossession of the Palestinians

You have quite clearly invested too much time and energy over the years in rationalizing Israel’s dispossession of the Palestinians from their homeland ... state of Israel or a Jewish state by any oth... read more

Racism in Plain English

If Republicans are going to ask that question, they shouldn’t be allowed to do it through hints and nudges. Just do like Lynn Westmoreland and put it in plain English. read more

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