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Individual Conscience May Make Implementing Abortion Reform As Controversial As Deciding On The Principle - Latest News

The bizarre story of banknotes in the United Kingdom

This Act empowers the Treasury to make regulations to allow, in turn, the Bank of England to regulate banknotes in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The legislation sets up the concept of “authorised ban... read more

Thoughts on the New Constitutional Case Against Obamacare

For this reason ... individual mandate, one might ask whether there is any point to it. It is indeed true that such an outcome would have little or no impact on health care policy. But it would help e... read more

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Judge Samuel Alito's Nomination to the Supreme Court

GRASSLEY: Well, just to make sure that there's no lingering confusion, then, let me ask you straight out: Do you believe in the principle ... and your respect for individual rights. And, Mr. Chairman, ... read more

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Dear Wendy Davis, You Can Have a Job and Kids

If you aren’t paying attention to Texas politics right now, join the crowd. But the Democrat running for governor is just so awful you have to pay attention. Wendy Davis rose to the top of everyone’s ... read more

Margaret Thatcher And The Road to Brexit…

In an individual, there may be more than one cause of dementia. Thatcher certainly had a series of mini strokes, and, it seems very probable, also had Alzheimer’s disease. The features of dementia inc... read more

What is the U.S. Fighting for in Syria?

What sense can we make ... may be, this seven-year bloody conflict still continues to pose the very same long-term fundamental questions to US policy in Syria and the region. These questions demand an ... read more

Can a Constitutional Amendment Forestall the Threat of Court-Packing?

The trick is to find one that would simultaneously win sufficient liberal support without alienating the right. This may not be an insuperable task. But, in this era of deep polarization, it certainly ... read more

Transcript: Day Three of the Roberts Confirmation Hearings

That's not deciding the controversy ... with a case or cause even though it may be legal and ethical that might cause so much harm to so many innocent people"? ROBERTS: That's a judgment for the legal ... read more

The 1996 Republican Party Platform

They result when men and women live in obedience to their conscience, not to the state. All our efforts as Republicans are guided by the fixed star of this single principle ... support regulatory refo... read more

The (Epistemic) Floor is Made of Lava

And that we may both be totally justified in rejecting all individual arguments against our positions, while the only genuinely convincing argument – the entire worldview of the other person – is too ... read more

What the tea party wants from the Constitution

What's the evidence that this will make ... in deciding what it means to live by the Constitution. When the constitutional disclaimers at the bottom of bills suit them, they'll respect them. When they ... read more

Yes, the Constitution is binding

No, it’s not clear which interpretation of the Constitution the Supreme Court will declare binding at any given moment. And no, reading the document on the floor of the House will not make the country ... read more

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